7 Different types of Body Contouring Surgeries

Body contouring surgery refers to the various techniques that cosmetic surgeons employ on patients for varied reasons. You can receive body-contouring surgery in case you have managed to reduce your weight and skin on some parts of your body is loose, hanging. This is bound to occur because as you gain weight, your skin stretches to accommodate your body expansion. While reducing your weight, it is only the fat (and at times body muscles) that are affected, leaving out the skin. You can also go for body-contouring surgery in case you need to emphasize particular parts of your body.

Types of Body Contouring Surgery

Whichever the case is applicable, cosmetic surgeons employ different techniques:


This is a surgery procedure normally performed to remove excess skin on the upper part of the arm. Your arms can have excess skin due to natural aging process or in case you lose weight rapidly. Commonly referred to as arm-lift surgery, Branchioplasty technique tightens and tones your upper arms, leading to a youthful arm contour.

Bicep implantation

This is another technique that cosmetic surgeons employ on arms. It involves implantations being inserted into your biceps to increase muscular mass in patients who are unable to achieve muscular biceps naturally or through other means. The technique produces improved appearance especially of the upper arms. You can also have implantation on the buttocks (buttocks augmentation and Brazilian buttock lift surgery).

Body lift

This technique resembles Branchioplasty except that it covers the whole of your body, any area with excess skin. You can have excess skin in most parts of your body including upper arms, mid and lower body areas, breasts, buttocks, hips, thighs and abdomen.

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Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

This technique is commonly referred to as breast lift surgery in which your breasts are shaped and firmed. Your breasts are bound to sag as you give birth and breastfeed. The aging process also leads to breast sag. In most cases, Mastopexy is performed along with breast augmentation.


Liposuction technique is the most common. You can go for it in case you need to re-shape any part of your body. It involves different sub-techniques that target fat deposited in parts of your body.


This is commonly referred to as thigh lift surgery. It involves making your thighs firmer and attractive. Note that like your upper arms, your thighs are bound to have excess skin due to aging or weight loss. Alternatively, you can go for Thighplasty to shape your thighs in case they have too much fat (liposuction).

Tummy tuck

This is commonly referred to as abdominoplasty and involves the removal of excess skin and fat from your abdomen, resulting in firm and toned abdominal muscles.

Like with any other cosmetic surgery, body-contouring surgery has its effects too. With modern techniques such as use of laser however, side effects are minimal. Previously though, there was the risk of infections and complications brought about by a patient’s lifestyle and health conditions including heart disease. Should you need to undergo any body contouring surgery, it is very important to seek treatment from qualified and licensed cosmetic surgeons who only undertake the surgery after complete evaluation of your health status.

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