Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes – Causes & Treatment

What are dark circles that occur around eyes? To understand what these are, it is vital to know that the skin around your eyelids (periorbital skin) is different from the skin on the rest of your body. The skin around your eyelids is the thinnest, measuring around 0.5 mm in thickness. This is in contrast to skin on other parts of your body that measure around 2 mm in thickness. Because some blood veins are under the skin around your eyelids, they are bound to show up as dark eye rings because if the lightness of the skin around. It happens that the more transparent your skin is, the more likely that you will exhibit black circles under eye. Apart from dark circles around the eye, you may also exhibit puffy eyes. A puffy eye shows as a swelling in the tissues around your eyelids.

Although not painful, both dark eye circle and puffy eye can make you feel uncomfortable while with others. They both have different causes, which are better looked at differently:

Dark lines under eyes are caused by various factors that include:

  • Heredity – You are likely to have dark circles on your eye skin if one of or both your parents have circles under eye.
  • Disease and health conditions – Such conditions as hay fever easily cause blood veins around your eyes to bulge, leading to dark circles around the eyes. Dark circles around your eyes can also be a symptom of liver disease.
  • Medications – Certain medications have the effect of dilating blood vessels and because your eye skin is very delicate, the blood veins below will show up as dark circles under eye.
  • Diet – Your kind of diet determines whether you will exhibit dark circles under eye or not. Consuming a diet with insufficient nutrients including iron leads to anemic condition, which leads to discoloration of your eye skin. This in effect leads to dark circles around the eyes.
  • Age – Your skin thins as you age, leaving blood veins clearly showing.
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Puffy eye can be caused bay many factors, some of which are:

  • Lack of sleep/Oversleeping – In both cases, you are bound to exhibit swollen tissues around your eye skin.
  • Health conditions – Conditions such as of pregnancy and hormone fluctuations during menstrual flow can lead to body fluid retention and this will show up on the light parts of your skin, including on your eye skin.
  • Diet – Consuming a diet with high levels of salt contributes to puffy eye. This is because salt encourages fluid retention.
  • Stress – Stress is a major cause of puffy eye. Such stress can be because of hormonal changes, alcohol consumption and tobacco use, which introduce toxic substances into your system, affecting your blood veins.
  • Age – As you age, your eye skin becomes thinner and may swell because of infection.

There is no definite cure for dark circles around the eye. However, various treatment options are available that you can employ to manage the same. You can purchase an appropriate eye cream or eye gel and easily manage both black circles under eye or puffy eye. By simply going online and gong through he various eye cream reviews, you can identify the best eye creams to purchase. The best eye cream should be that which does not cause any irritation and is friendly to both your eye skin and eyes. Some of the top eye creams include Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream, Strivectin-SD Eye Cream, Vitamin K & Dark Circle Appearance, Philosophy Dark Shadows and Prevage Anti-aging Eye Cream.

Although you can use eye creams and eye gel formulations to deal with dark circles under your eyes, the best ‘treatment’ is prevention. You may need to examine your diet and make necessary changes. A diet low in carbohydrates contributes to the occurrence of puff eye. Eating a diet rich in varied vitamins also reduces puffiness.

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