Dark Private Parts – Tips To Make Them Fair

When did you realize that your private areas have a different skin color from the rest of your skin in public areas? Perhaps this will take you down memory lane just to try to find out when. Well, the areas of your skin that you consider public are always exposed, in addition to being the areas that you pay close attention. You somehow ‘forget’ that your private areas need increased care. This does not mean that you do not care for your private areas. It only means that your private areas do no receive much attention except when you are bathing. While you may be troubled by discovering that your private areas are darker, do not be stressed, his private areas may be darker than yours! Read this – ‘I have seen and enjoyed different v….s in different hue’. This is just what one ‘he’ had to say when asked to state his view on women with dark private areas.

Causes of Dark Private Parts

It is a fact that your nipples, underarms, vaginal and inner thigh areas are likely to be darker than the rest of your body. While some women think regular shaving (underarms and vaginal areas) is the cause, it may not be true. Your dark private areas can be because of several factors including:

  • Ventilation – Your private areas are at most times confined, not receiving fresh air. This certainly changes the texture and color of the skin.
  • Moisture – Because of confinement, your private areas accumulate a lot of moisture, which can change skin color.
  • Sweat – Sweat is waste from within your body. It contains varied chemicals eliminated from your body. Because your private areas are at most times confined, any slight sweat is bound to remain on the skin until you bathe. This causes skin color change.
  • Tight clothing – Confining your private areas in tight clothing prevents the skin from breathing, in effect making the skin dark.
  • Friction – Constant friction between skin surfaces as you walk or undertake your daily activities changes the texture and color of your private areas.
  • Age – As you age, your private areas naturally turn dark. This is attributed to hormonal changes.
  • Genetics – You may inherit genes that cause dark skin in your private areas.
  • Pregnancy – While you may not have dark skin in your private areas, you may develop the same during pregnancy.
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How to Make Dark Private Parts Fairer?

Although your dark private areas may not bother you or your man, you can take measures to make them fairer. This will certainly enhance your appeal and make you privately attractive. You can make them fairer through various ways:

  • Skin whitening products – Varied skin whitening products are available in the market that you can use to make your dark private areas fairer. You can get one of these and apply under your arms and inner thighs. For safety purposes, do not apply on your nipples or around your vagina.
  • Apple cider vinegar – Wash and dry your underarms before applying apple cider vinegar. Let it dry and leave it on until you bathe. Do this daily for at least two weeks. This is an effective underarm whitener.
  • Apple cider vinegar/Baking soda – Make a paste out of these two by mixing them. Because the mixture will fizz and bubble, let it cool. Wash your underarms and dry before applying the paste. Let the paste on until it dries before rinsing off. Do this for at least a week. This is another effective underarm whitener.
  • Lemon – Lemon juice is very effective as skin whitener. Because it is safe, you can use it on all your private areas. Cut a lemon into pieces and rub into the skin, leaving it to dry on the skin. Leave it on until you bathe. Do this twice a day for a week for better results. [Warning : Lemon juice should only be used on external skin, be very careful when using it around vagina, as it could cause irritation]

Note that all the above may not work for you. Try each one until you ascertain one that best works for you. However, it is important to prevent the development of dark skin in your private areas. Make use of lotions, creams and natural remedies that ensure that the skin around these areas maintain their color.

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