Ditch the Hair Dye – 6 Natural Ways to Color your Hair

Hair color is a common fashion trend among women. Most women visit the salon very often to get their hair colored. For most of them, once they start, they make it a routine to visit the salon every 6-8 weeks or even more frequently to get the hair color. While some go to hide out the grays around the temples or the roots, others go to get a little lift of the color in the form of lowlights or highlights. 

Top Ways to Ditch Hair Dye

 It has been proved by studies and researches that chemical dyes and hair colors can pose serious effects, more specifically if you are a frequent visitor to the salon. Moreover, present day hair dyes are laden with chemicals and are available in forms that are permanent, temporary, or semi-permanent. In fact, permanent dyes make up 80% or even more of the products available in the market.

Here are some natural ways to color your hair without using these chemical laden products. 

  1. Coffee

If you are looking to make your hair darker or cover the grays, coffee is the perfect thing to retort to. Brew a very strong cup of coffee and allow it to cool down. Mix a cup of brewed coffee with two cups of leave in conditioner along with two tablespoons of coffee grounds. Apply this mixture onto clean hair and allow it to sit for about an hour. Rinse with ACV. Repeat application for desired results.

  1. Henna

Henna is the most conventional method used as a natural hair coloring method. Henna is completely natural and colors the hair gently while making the hair shaft stronger. Henna also helps treat dry scalp and dandruff. Read the application instructions provided on the packing carefully before application.

  1. Tea

Black tea helps to darken the hair naturally while covering up the gray. However, if you are looking for lighter hair, here are numerous different teas that can help you with this. For example, chamomile tea is recommended for blondes or for those looking to get natural blonde highlights. Conversely, Rooibos is simply perfect for those with red hair. The effect of tea can be enhanced by sitting in the sun after application, while the tea is still in your hair.

  1. Walnut Shells

Use of walnut shells as a hair dye would provide a rich dark brown color to your hair. Crush the shells and soak them in hot water for thirty minutes. Cool and strain the liquid. Apply this liquid to your hair using a cotton ball to color the gray areas of your hair. If you want to get a more intense color, heat the juice to boil and then simmer to about 1/4th of the original volume. Let the mixture cool. Then pour on your hair.

  1. Beet or Carrot Juice

If you want to add the red hue to your hair, use beet or carrot juice. It is your choice if you want to use them separately or together. The content of beet juice directly relates to the red tinge. On the other hand, carrot juice provides a softer reddish orange tint.

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Add a cup of juice to your hair and mix some coconut oil for conditioning. Work the juice and the oil through your hair and wrap for at least an hour. You can fix the color by spraying ACV as the final step.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemons are an amazing way to bring out some highlights in your hair. Take freshly squeezed juice from a lemon and spray it onto your hair. Let it sit for about three hours. To get a more dramatic look, go out in the sun. if you have blonde hair, try to mix the lemon juice chamomile tea for an amazing look.

Hope you find the write up interesting and helpful!

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