Don’t Color or Highlight Your Hair Before you read this!

Do you want to have a color highlight done sitting at home? Well, you might be a little worried about damaging your tresses. This is just in case you are getting a high lightening session done at home for the very first time. With these incredibly cool tips on hair lightening, things get much easier.

Let us move on to explore each one of these:

1. Prep yourself up for the hair lightening session

The first thing to getting your hair high lightened is to prepare your hair for the process. Before you start highlighting your hair with a suitable color, make sure you detangle your hair completely. It is also advisable you do not wash your hair a day before you start applying the highlighting tint.

2. Choose a naturally stable shampoo

You can use herbal cum clarifying shampoo to give your hair a simple wash post you are done with the hair-highlighting session. But you also need to select the shampoo in such a way that it does not spoil the effects of the color highlights applied to your tint, as such.

3. Keep your high lightening kit handy

Is this the first time you are highlighting your hair? Then you better gear up to having your very own color high lightening kit handy. The kit includes a pouch containing the color, special applicator, instruction guide, comb, foil and a cap.

4. Need to choose your hair color intelligently

You need to choose the right form of hair color suiting your natural skin or color complexion. The highlights should also be apt for the overall texture of your hair. If your hair is dark, choose golden brown or lighter yellow streaks. Medium brown or light brunette hair goes amazingly well with dark gold highlights. Natural blondes can choose lighter colors like a few silvery streaks. Once you choose the hair color depending on the color of your natural hair, you can aim for a perfect finish.

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5. Decide where you want the highlights to be done

Choosing the spot for where you want the highlights to appear prominently is something you need to decide well in advance. Do you want the highlights to be visible on the hair falling across your face? Else, do you want the streaks to appear at the hair falling at your back?

6. Practice the strokes in advance

You can practice highlighting your hair before you actually are in the process. Pin up your hair and familiarize yourself with using the highlighting brush. You can apply a hair conditioner in the place of the color highlighter. Understand the highlighting tools better. This way, you will also be in a position to understand where you want the high lights to be done.

7. Give ample protection to your skin

You will need to provide ample protection to your skin before you start applying the tint. You will need to apply a skin protecting lotion across your forehead, hairline and on your ears. This will protect your skin against bleaching agents of the color highlights.

8. Layering your hair is a must

Before you start applying the color highlighter, partition your hair into several sections. Start highlighting from the bottom or back layers of your hair first. Once done, place pieces of aluminum foil in between sections of hair that has already been highlighted. You can place clips for sections of hair that are yet to be highlighted. This particular step prevents smudging of color or transferring the highlighting tint to unnecessary areas of your hair.

Want your color highlight last longer?

You need to allow the color dye to stay on your hair for a day or two. This is before you wash your hair completely upside down. You can rinse off the acid contained in the highlighting liquid within 30-50 minutes from the time of application.

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Consult with a professional hair stylist before getting it done all by yourself

You can head to a salon and get some valuable tips on how you can choose the right color highlight for your hair. Especially since it is your first time, you can get things clarified from a hair stylist or from a professional. This is before you plunge into doing it all by yourself.

These are the ten cool tips on how to get a hair color highlight done at home.

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