Double Chin – 8 Easy Tips Get Rid Of It!

Commonly referred to as turkey neck, double chin is a condition in which you appear to have a second chin above your neck and below your jawline. You can develop a double chin when fat deposition occurs in your neck, resulting in the sagging of your neck skin. Although double chins are mostly common in those who are obese, you may develop a double chin because of various factors. Such include the structure of your jawbone, amount of skin on your neck and hereditary factor.

You are likely to exhibit turkey neck if your bottom jawbone is low or if you have a large amount of neck skin. Your double chin may also occur if one of your parents has a double chin. Scientific studies have also linked the occurrence of fat chin to medical obesity and other conditions that encourage fluid retention around the neck. Certain medical procedures such as chin augmentation and chin implant can also cause turkey neck.

Excess neck fat that causes turkey neck can make you uncomfortable. However, several ways through which you can hide the same are available. Such include:

  • Wear makeup – You can cover your double chin by wearing appropriate make that makes your jowls prominent than your neck area. Towards this end, powder makeup is suitable for its effectiveness in drawing attention away from the neck to your other facial features.
  • Hairstyle – You can wear an appropriate hairstyle that covers your turkey neck. Make it a point to wear long hair. In case you have short hair, consider using extensions to make it longer in such a way that it reaches the level of your chin, in effect covering the fat chin.
  • Avoid tight dog collars – Wearing tight dog collars emphasizes your fat chin.
  • Dressing – Consider wearing dresses with open neckline. Such draw attention away from your neck region. Such can also cover your neck, in effect hiding your turkey neck.
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It is a fact that you cannot always hide your turkey neck. You may want to get rid of it and wonder how do i get rid of a double chin. You can indeed get rid of chin in various ways:

  • Cosmetic products – Various specially formulated products are available that you can use to rid double chin. Such include chin wraps and neckline slimmers. These are relatively new products in the market and while they may not be readily available at your local cosmetic store, you can access hem online. The benefit of using these products lies in the fact that they are not invasive, you only apply them. They are formulated to work in different ways including as chin lift, and neck lift.
  • Diet – While you can use diet to prevent the occurrence of double chin, you can also use the same in getting rid of double chin. The secret here is to stick to a healthy diet rich in vital nutrients that include vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that go along way in aiding fat metabolism. Appropriate diet remains one of the most effective ways of tackling chin hipo. A healthy diet also ensures that you are not obese, a risk factor of double chins occurrence.
  • Exercises – Exercises are very good for overall health. However, not all exercises are suitable for getting rid of double chins. Exercises for double chin are those that target the face and neck regions. Face lifts and neck stretches are some of the exercises capable of burning fat neck. It is important that you perform both face exercises and neck exercises under supervision to avoid injuries.
  • Surgery – Various surgery techniques are available that remove double chins. Although initial chin surgeries were invasive, modern plastic surgery techniques are less invasive. Cosmetic surgery techniques are not only safe but offer quick recovery. How to get rid of fat through liposuction is now the most common method used.
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Unlike before when you had very little option in getting rid of fat chin, you now have varied options that are not only safe but also offer quick recovery. Liposuction treatment takes only a few minutes and you only need a maximum of three days rest before you return to your normal duties.

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