5 Tips to Get Healthy & Beautiful Breasts

The Breasts are the most fragile areas of skin on a woman’s body. Breasts are a composition of mammary glands, blood vessels, sensory nerves, and fatty tissues. They are held up on the chest wall by pectoralis muscles and skin. The breasts are prone to sag due to underlying fat in the form of fatty tissue. They may also swell, shrink or sag depending on the cause which may be related to diet changes, hormonal change or imbalance, ageing, weight changes or pregnancy.

Tips to Get Beautiful Breasts

Most of the women want to have beautiful, bouncy and healthy breasts and to fulfill their wish, they need to keep in mind few things:

1. Well-fitting bra

Well-fitting bra to support your chest everyday will make you feel comfortable and confident. While doing work-outs, wear a sports bra so that when the breasts bounce or jiggle, they get a proper support. Even while sleeping wear a comfortable bra, so that wen the breasts are stretched or weight is put on them, they dont start sagging.

2.Exfoliate Regularly

Daily Exfoliation is the secret to firm and smooth skin of breasts. Scrub with colagen is mostly preferred as it replenishes skin cells. Gentle message around and on the breasts in circular motions increases circulation of blood and hence promotes firmness of breasts.

3. Use Moisturizer

Hydrate your breasts with a moisturizer daily as they are the most delicate skin of the body and dryness or improper moisturisation can lead to weak skin tissues and sagging. Moisturizer or body lotion with collagen can be used as it contains anti-oxidants which help in breast firming with their free radicals. Always apply it from outside to inside, going around the nipple. Olive oil, Avocado oil, jojoba oil can also b used.

4. Maintain your Weight

Weight loss or weight gain may result in either stretch marks or sagging of breasts. It is recommended to maintain your weight in specific range, like not to loose or gain 7 pounds in your lifetime.

5. Protection from UV-rays

Sun can harm your skin including chest and breasts, so avoid going in sun with exposed chest or just wear a sun protection lotion.

6. Foods for healthy breasts

For healthy and firm breasts, food also plays a vital role. Food that contains protein like eggs, mil, soya milk, fish, peanuts, almonds, cashews, roasted chicken or beef, yoghurt helps in firming up the skin tissues. Foods with dietary fiber like fruits, vegetables also come up in a healthy diet plan. Even breast cancer risks can be reduced by a healthy diet plan. Alcohol intake and smoking cigarette should be restricted to minimum.
By keeping these few things in mind, you can have healthy and beautiful breasts over lifetime.

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