5 Easy Tips to Create Perfect Smokey Eyes

It seems smoky eyes are here to stay after all. What started as a simple way of having fun has unexpectedly grown in popularity. Attend any party or function and you will not miss noticing smoky eyes around. Smoky eyes have become the classic way of changing your face in a dramatic way. Regardless of whether you have what you may call big or small eyes, you can have irresistible-looking eyes.

The secret to having a perfect smoky eyes lies in choosing the best texture of your eye makeup, perfect flattering shades and have the requisite techniques for easy and mess-free application. Applying makeup is very easy and it only takes minutes.


  • Eye primer
  • Two eye shadows, light and dark
  • Eyeliner
  • Makeup brushes
  • Mascara


  • Perfect smoky eyes start with good preparation. You need to prepare your eyelids by making them oil-free. This will eliminate the possibility of eyeshadow melting into the crease of your eyelids. After cleaning your eyelids, start with the primer as the base. Give it a few seconds to dry.
  • Depending on the color of smoky eyes you wish to wear, apply eyeliner of the same color just above the upper lash line. At the middle of your eyes, draw a thick line.
  • Because the bottom of your eyes is the key to great smoky eyes, use an eyeliner pencil. This is because it is easy to smudge around, something you can simply do with your finger.
  • Pairing of light and dark shadows is very important. For perfect smoky eyes, apply a lighter base with a darker hue. This is not however mandatory, go for your preference.
  • Blend the light base with dark color. Blending is very important in achieving perfect smoky eyes. To achieve perfect blending, keep the dark color just below the crease.
  • With light base and dark eyeliner on, it is now time to bring on the smoky effect. Using eyeshadow brush, apply a darker eyeshadow starting from the lash line upwards, blending as you do so. Do this right into the lash line so that the eyeliner is completely covered. Continue to blend as much as possible for a perfect smoky.
  • Now that you are through, it is time to have a look at your creation. While doing so, determine if there is any mismatch in your eyes and make corrections where necessary.
  • If satisfied with your creation, bring on the mascara. Apply mascara on your eyelashes, ensuring that the application is thick and dark. You are at an advantage if you have long and curled lashes. If not blessed with the same, use a lash curler to curl them before you apply mascara.
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Tips to Create Perfect Smokey Eyes

The following tips should assist you in creating perfect smoky eyes:

  • The secret in creating perfect smoky eyes lies in how you blend. You need to blend seriously so that colors are flawless.
  • You will only blend well with the right pairing of colors. Pair light base colors with dark colors. You can opt for soft gold base and deep purple, champagne base and bright blue or a peach base and green hue. These are not mandatory pairing however, your preference counts.
  • When using strong makeup for smoky eyes, ensure that your lips do not also have strong makeup. Never wear strong make up both on eyes and lips.
  • Note that you do not need to restrict yourself to using pencils for eyeliner; eyeshadow produces perfect eyeliner results.
  • You are not restricted to using one mascara color. You can try blue or purple mascara if you want to make it funny.

There is nothing out of the ordinary in wearing smoky eyes. It is always good and healthy to indulge in some fun occasionally. Create your own smoky eyes and feel happy.

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