10 Easy Tips to Get Smooth & Beautiful Hands

Take some time and think of what you do with your hands on a daily basis. Apart from your mind, your hands are the most active parts of your body. You use then in accomplishing everything daily. This routine leaves your hands worn out. Most importantly, your hands are always exposed to varied elements including the sun’s dangerous rays. Don’t they deserve some treatment? Note one can gauge how healthy you are by simply looking at your hands. In examining your hands, do not forget your nails. They are part of your hands and they too deserve regular treatment. You not only need to have healthy hands, make them smooth, soft, beautiful and attractive. How do you get smooth and beautiful hands? Here are the tips to Get Smooth and Beautiful Hands.

  • Protection – Weather can wreck havoc on your hands. Protect your hands from adverse weather conditions such as cold. If you need to go out in cold weather, ensure you wear fitting gloves.
  • Wash them – While it may be obvious that you wash your hands, it may help to consider whether you wash them for the sake of washing or to make them smooth and beautiful. Always use warm water with mild soap. While medicated soaps can be helpful, they are not mandatory.
  • Treat injuries – Because your hands are always busy, they are highly susceptible to physical injuries and infections. In case of any, treat such immediately.
  • Stop biting nails – Although it is natural to bite your nails whenever you are anxious or nervous, you can become fond of doing so. Bitten nails do not look pretty. In addition, there is the possibility of deforming them.
  • Maintenance – You need to maintain a regular hand-care routine. You can do this after showering by applying a deep-moisturizing hand lotion or cream.
  • Use the right tools – While you may properly be taking care of your hands, you may be using the wrong tools. To get smooth and beautiful hands, have a good pair of clippers, emery board, cuticle cream, and appropriate hand lotion. It is important that you do not share your tools.
  • Exercise them – Your hands are lowered most of the time. Although they receive blood supply, they can tire from routine daily activities. How do you exercise your hands? Simple, raise them up with fingers pointing upwards. Do this especially if you are always on a computer.
  • Filing – Make it a routine to file your nails. Ensure you do so in one direction.
  • Oil cuticles – Apart from maintaining cleanliness of your cuticles, apply cold-pressed oil such as olive oil. It will work wonders on your nails.
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Although how to get smooth and beautiful hands can seem simple, note that it requires commitment and maintenance of a routine that you set. It is also important to point out that it is worthless to have smooth and beautiful hands that are not healthy. It is therefore very important to pay a close look at your diet. Eat a healthy diet rich in minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Doing so will not only benefit your hands but your nails and hair as well.

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