Hair Rebonding – Information & Side-effects

It is extremely important to state from the onset that rebonding is the worst thing you can subject your hair. Note that your hair has a natural bond and depending on your race, you are bound to have curly, waxy or any other type of hair. These physical hair qualities occur because of the natural bond. Rebonding your hair literally alters its natural bond. By rebonding your hair, you make it straight, sleek and shiny. The rebonding completely changes your hair’s structure, restructuring it in a different way.

Hair Rebonding Process

Hair rebonding process can take little time or several hours, depending on various factors. Such include length of your hair, your hair type and thickness. The process starts by washing of your hair with a mild shampoo but without the use of a conditioner. This is followed by drying your hair completely using a blow dryer. Your salonist will separate your hair into different parts before applying cream softener or relaxant to every hair shaft. This keeps your hair straight with the aid of a plastic board. The cream softener or relaxant is left on your hair for at least 30 minutes, depending on your hair type, followed by hair steaming that takes between 10 and 30 minutes, again depending on your hair type.

Your hair is then rinsed before being blow-dried. This is followed by application of keratin lotion. Your salonist ten uses a flat iron to further straighten your hair, in the process breaking away any curls. The ironing continues until your hair becomes straight and shiny. This is followed by application of a neutralizer to bond and stabilize your hair. The neutralizer remains set for at least 30 minutes before being rinsed off using cold water. Your hair is again subjected to blow dry and hair serum applied. Your salonist uses the straightening iron once again to make your hair straight and shiny. You are not to wash your hair for at least 3 days after rebonding treatment in order to allow treatment to set. At times, your salonist may not use a straightening iron but instead se very powerful lotions and creams to make your hair permanently straight and shiny.

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Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

It is very important to note that any process that interferes with the natural texture and quality of your hair extremely is not healthy for your hair. Rebonding has many side effects in addition to several risks:

  • You end up with very weak hair shafts prone to breakage. Hair bonding easily leads to premature hair loss.
  • You end up with very fragile hair that requires careful handling all the time to prevent breakage.
  • You stand the risk of sustaining burns on your scalp during the rebonding process. In addition to this, your hair can be seriously damaged in case straightening iron is not set to appropriate degree.
  • Maintaining your rebounded hair is necessary after every six months for touch-up of new hair growth.

Note that hair rebonding is very different from perming and curling of hair that was very popular in the 1980s. Rebonding actually took root from mid 1990s and although it was initially popular, its popularity is waning. Because your hair is a vital part of your personality, it is only good that you go for safe hair treatment methods. Rather than go for risky methods, obtain straight and shiny hair through safer methods that give you the opportunity to manage your hair as usual.

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