How to Get Hair Spa Treatment At Home?

We are bound to think of professionalism and high expenses whenever we come cross or think of hair spa. Perhaps we have been made to have this attitude by the fact that indeed hair spa locations in the past were places you could not venture into if you did not have the money. Hair spas used to be set up in serene environments and mostly in well-to-to areas. Things have now changed and you are likely to find hair spas in shopping malls, office buildings and salons. Unlike before when it was necessary to plan for a hair spa destination where you spent up to 2 days to get your hair treated, you now only need a couple of hours to have your hair treated.

The fact that we have associated hair spa treatments with the well to do has ‘closed’ our eyes to the fact that we can have our own hair spa day treatment at home. Contrary to our imagination, hair spa is a simple and perfect ways of maintaining and enhancing the beauty of our hair, nothing further than that. Hair spa treatments enable us to have healthy and beautiful hair. The biggest advantage of having hair spa at home is in terms of expenses. Treating your hair at home enables you to save on service fees and other charges you are bound to incur in salons that offer hair spa. Just as in salons, you are able to deal with such hair problems as hair loss, hair fall and dandruff amongst other problems.

Having hair spa at home eliminates the need to buy hair products that can be very expensive and apart from being cost effective, at home hair spa ingredients are safe not only on you but to the environmentally as well. In order to have to have a fulfilling hair spa at home, it is important to ascertain your type of hair. Doing so is vital because not all hair spa ingredients may suit your type of hair. Below are some of spa techniques for a hair spa at home with the type of hair they should be applied:

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1. Diet

Diet is the most important natural hair spa at home that you can have. How healthy your hair is largely depends on your daily diet. Apart from a healthy diet, make it a routine to eat varied fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. These contain very essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural oils that are not only necessary for healthy hair dressing but also good to your skin. Substitute your normal drinks with healthy fruit juices.

2.  Hot Oil Hair Spa

This technique is very effective if you have dry hair with dandruff. Although it is an intensive technique, you need to undertake it twice a month. It will leave your hair rehydrated and dandruff eliminated. You only need ½ a cup of dried rosemary leaves and ½ a cup of olive oil. What you need to do is put the leaves in a saucepan and pour in the oil. Apply low heat and stir until the mixture is warm. Remove from heat and strain or sieve. Use the warm oil you obtain to coat your scalp and hair ends before wrapping your hair in saran wrap. It will be good to cover wit a towel to retain the warmth. Give it 15 minutes before washing with warm water to remove oil. You may thereafter apply hair oil if you have. You will end up with rehydrated hair that is soft and easy to manage through different hairstyles.

3. Deep Conditioning

You do not need to go to salons to receive deep conditioning treatment. Do it on your own at home by using ½ ripe avocado fruit and a small jar full of rich mayonnaise fat. Mash the avocado fruit in an appropriate container or bowel before adding the fat. Mix thoroughly until the mixture is in uniform color. Apply the mixture on your hair with your fingers, ensuring that it reaches your scalp. Do not forget hair ends. Cover your hair with a warm damp towel or shower cap for 20 minutes. Remove and wash your hair with cold water with a tender soap. Do this at least once a week to obtain moisturized, revitalized, strong, soft full hair without split ends. You also experience healthy hair growth. This works well on short dry and curly hair.

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4. Enriching hair conditioner

Avoid expensive hair enriching spa deals and make your own right at home. Measure 2 tablespoons olive oil, have two egg York and a cup of distilled water. Beat the egg York until smooth and even before adding oil. Heat until you obtain a perfect blend. Add water and message your scalp with the solution. Rinse with cold water and tender soap. You can prepare enough for everyday use. This is a protein-rich conditioner that will nourish your hair and encourage new hair growth. This conditioner is appropriate for all types of hair.

These are just some of hair spa you can undertake at home. Apart from saving on spa deals, you will be able to choose and have appropriate hair dressing style. You may go for a hair cut or use hair extensions if you have short hair.

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