How to Get Lovely Hair Locks at home?

You hair is the most important natural accessory that you have. Your only duty is to keep it healthy and clean. You can however enhance its appearance and outlook by styling it in an appropriate way to make it more appealing and attractive. One of the ways that you can enhance the appearance of your hair is by creating locks. Hair locks are sections of your hair that get intertwined when you stop combing. Remember that you lose an average of 150 hairs in a day, which you get rid of through combing. Stopping to comb your hair means the lost hair is tangled with the rest, forming hair locks.

Below are some of the ways through which you can get lovely hair locks:

1. Comb coils

Comb coils come out perfectly on short and coily hair. To create comb coil locks, you coax the hair in locking by not combing through your hair; you ensure that the comb does not leave your hair while combing. This means that the top part of your hair will form coils, which for lack of combing form hair locks.

2. Single twists

You initiate hair locks by using your fingers to twist your hair, which remain so without combing. While this method works perfectly on coily, you can use it on both short and long hair.

3. Palm rolls

This method works well on hair beyond three inches. You use your palms to roll sections of your hair into tangles, which you do not comb.

4. Braids

This method works well on all types of hair. You literally braid or get your hair braided in a diameter size of your choice. You can also use yarn (yarn braid) if you have a perm and wish to create hair locks.

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While you can get lovely hair locks using any of the above methods, maintaining the same is very important. Part of maintenance is ensuring that your hair locks stay clean as much as possible all the time. While cleaning however, your focus should be on your scalp. This is where dust, sweat and dandruff (if any) are deposited. Once you take care of your scalp, your hair locks will remain healthy and clean.

Tips for Healthy & Clean Hair Locks

The following tips should assist you in maintaining your hair locks and keeping them healthy and clean:

  • Shampoo your hair locks on a regular basis. Because shampoos are usually thick, dilute the same. This will ensure that the shampoo reaches all parts of your scalp and hair, including the locks. Avoid rough handling of your hair while washing as this can damage the locks.
  • Avoid using hair conditioners. These are meant to get rid of tangles on your hair and since your hair locks are tangles, conditioning your hair simply destroys them.
  • Consider washing your hair locks early in the day to allow reasonable drying time. This is in case you do not have a hair drier.
  • Treat your hair locks as you would treat unlocked hair. Apply hair oil to avoid dryness. You may apply hair colors if you wish.

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