How To Get Shiny, Bouncy Hair

Having shiny and bouncing hair is not something that occurs on its own. You need to work on your hair to make it not only shiny and bouncy but also healthy. Note that your hair grows by between ¼ to ½ inches in a month. As it grows, you are bound to experience a degree of hair loss as old hair falls away o give way for new hair. Although this is a normal biological process, you need to undertake some measures to manage the same.

What are common Hair problems in women?

In addition to this natural occurrence, you are bound to experience various hair problems that you need to deal with. Note that your beauty as a woman is enhanced by not only the appearance of your hair but also how you style it. To be able to have a healthy, shiny and bouncing hair, you need to tackle the following common hair problems:

  • Dandruff – This is perhaps the most common hair problem you may have do deals with. Dealing with the same will only be possible with understanding of how it is caused. Note that the cause of your dandruff may not be the same for another woman having dandruff. Dandruff is the result of scaly particles that cling to the root of your hair, coming off as you try to tender your hair. The same can be caused by various factors including infection, poor diet and stress amongst other causes.
  • Split Ends – This is hair problem that you can adequately address. The problem manifests in dryness and brittleness at the end of your hair, which can be caused by over combing your hair, over brushing, regular hair coloring and failure to condition your hair.
  • Frizzy Hair – This problem can be caused by various factors including hereditary genes, inadequate hair moisture and excessive hair brushing amongst others.
  • Flaky Scalp – Do not confuse this problem with dandruff. Unlike dandruff that clings to your hair root, flakes are dead skin that hinder your hair from growing, which leads to hair loss. You can tackle this by ensuring adequate intake of essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Dull Hair – You will have dull hair if you regularly wash your hair using hard water and failing to apply any oil. In effect, your hair will gum up and fail to bounce as is appropriate.
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How to Get Shiny Hair?

By tackling the above hair problems, you will be setting the foundation for achieving shiny, bouncy hair regardless of your age. Use the following tips to not only achieve a shiny hair but healthy too.

  • Make it a routine to have a haircut once in a month to take care of any present split ends.
  • Occasionally shampoo your hair to get rid of any dandruff and flakes. This leaves your hair follicles free of any clogging, which inhibits elimination of waste (sweat) and proper air circulation.
  • Do not use just any comb after shampooing. Consider using non-metal wide combs. Do not over comb however.
  • If you are fond of swimming, coloring your hair and blow-drying your hair, it is likely that you will be exposing your hair to wind and sun. This will lead to hair dryness. To counter this, make it a routine to apply appropriate oil such as coconut or almond oil thrice a week.
  • Regularly condition your hair to make it not only smooth but healthy.
  • Occasionally massage your scalp. Doing so will aid in blood circulation and relaxation necessary for healthy hair growth.
  • The kind of diet you are on determines the kind of hair you have. Ensure that your diet includes fruits and vegetables. These contain vital vitamins and minerals that are necessary for healthy hair growth.

To obtain a shiny, bouncy hair at any age, ascertain the kind of hair problems you have, try to establish the cause(s) and act accordingly.

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