5 Miracle Foods for Hair Growth

There is no doubt that your hair is your crown. It is the hair and your facial area of your body that those you come into contact with look at first. This makes it necessary that you pay keen attention to your hair especially if you are struggling with hair that seems not to grow. It is no secret that there are many women (and men too) who have struggled with their hair for years only to realize that their efforts do not bear any fruit; they continue to remain with hair that has simply “refused” to increase in length. Luckily, you do not need to shop for any chemical product to make your hair longer. There are a number of foods that help with hair growth naturally.


Avocados contain high levels of essential fatty acids. These are the same fatty acids that occur naturally in your skin cells, helping in keeping your skin smooth. Applying ripe avocado externally on your hair and scalp stimulates production of both elastin and collagen, two components necessary for growth of hair. For best results, it is a good idea to mix ripe avocado with any sour cream before applying on your hair and scalp. This is because sour creams contain lactic acid that is very effective in exfoliating dead skin cells on the scalp. This makes it possible for smooth production of elastin and collagen.

Yellow Peppers

Yellow peppers contain very high levels of vitamin C, which is a very powerful natural antioxidant. Yellow peppers actually contain 341 mg of vitamin C as opposed to such other fruits as oranges that only contain 63 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C has a positive effect on your hair. In addition to strengthening hair shaft and cleaning hair follicles, vitamin C also prevents hair breakage.

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Eating fish is very good when it comes to having healthy skin, nails and hair that is full and long. Eating any fish will however not do. Salmon fish in particular is very rich in vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, compounds that help in keeping the scalp healthy, which in effect encourages hair growth.


Lack of sufficient amount of zinc in the body has for a long time been ascertained to be one of the main causes of hair loss. This is in addition to unhealthy scalp. Luckily, oysters are very rich in zinc. Consuming three ounces of oysters daily, the amount of zinc that your body needs every day goes a long way in encouraging growth of hair.


Eating eggs is no doubt a sure way of making your hair grow. In addition to all the three omega-3 fatty acids, eggs contain biotin, which many women in need of growing their hair buy in form of supplements. However, you need not just eat eggs. You need to focus on eating the yolk part of eggs. Note that eating egg whites has the negative effect of preventing absorption of biotin into your body.
These are just a few of the many foods that have been identified as containing critical compounds that encourage hair growth. It is important to point out that these are the same compounds that are required for healthy skin and nails.

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