Get Strong Beautiful Hair With Keratin Hair Therapy

Who does not wish to have long, thick and beautiful hair? However, in today’s world, it is one of the hardest tasks to stop hair fall as well as hair breakage and maintain stunning, lustrous hair.

Almost all of us keep experimenting with several hair treatments in order to have long and strong tresses. But all end up raising different types of hair issues rather than making our hair prettier. Here comes the importance of keratin hair therapy. If you are tired with your rough and frizzy hair, and desperately need to smoothen and straighten it, then keratin treatment could be the best solution for you.

About keratin hair therapy

Keratin’, the major component of hair fiber, is basically a type of protein. This fibrous protein primarily strengthens the hair shafts to make each of our hair fibers strong enough, and thus it lessens hair breakage. It also makes hair cuticles soft and smooth which eventually leads to silky and shiny tresses. Hence, treating our hair with keratin is a good choice to get beautiful hair by preventing hair fall. However, keratin therapy can be of several types. But, in all the cases, the results last from 2 to 4 months, and you need to repeat the process after that.

Keratin treatment could easily be done at one’s own place. However, as a first-timer, you must get it done in a reputed salon by an expert. It would prevent your hair from sudden damage or injuries. Also, make it sure that your treatment is completely free from poisonous chemicals like carcinogenic formaldehyde.

Keratin hair therapy at the salon

Generally, at a salon, the keratin hair treatment takes around 2 hours to be finished. Experts at salon wash and dry your hair at first in order to start the therapy. After that, keratin is combed through your hair properly. To make the protein reach into the deep of each hair fiber, a straightening iron is used until your hair becomes hard enough. Finally, the extra protein is washed out of the hair. Your hair needs approximately 72 hours to be set appropriately, hence, you should wait to wash your hair for at least 3 days after the therapy. Some beauty salons might take up to 5 hours for accomplishing a more thorough job by treating each tiny segments of your hair at a time.

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Keratin hair therapy at home

When it comes to applying the keratin hair therapy at home, all the steps need to be followed are similar to that of the salon. Firstly, wash and dry your hair carefully. Comb keratin through your hair methodically, and then ensure that each of your hair gets keratin by using a flat iron or a hot hair dryer. At last, wash off the additional keratin. Though treating your hair at your home can save your time as well as time, the result would not last for long. However, be careful when using a flat iron or a hot hair dryer as these could damage your hair or even your skin might get burnt.

So, are you ready to get long and strong hair strands? Just adopt this effective treatment and see the difference!

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