7 Easy Ways To Add Hair Volume

Your hair is your crown and you need to ensure that it is healthy and attractive. To achieve this, it is important to watch what you eat because it is from your diet that your hair cells obtain the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth and elimination of hair problems including dandruff and hair loss. That is not the end of it. You need to make your crown more attractive by allowing it to bounce. You need to give your healthy hair a boost to make it big. You can look great in big hair and present a different personality.

Use the following tips and grow a healthy volumous hair that will be appreciated by all:

1. Use Natural Products

Unbelievably, natural hair products are available that are very effective in adding volume to hair. Such products as Olive oil, ripe avocado fruit and other fruits have been used for centuries in growing healthy volume hair. The advantage of working with natural hair products is the fact that they are chemical-free and therefore scalp friendly. In addition, they are readily available at cheap prices. Others are common products that you use in the kitchen.

2. Using conditioners

Various artificial hair products are available in a hair salon near you that you can use to obtain a volumized hair, hair conditioner being one of them. The trick in working with hair conditioners is to avoid heavy/thick hair conditioners. Using such does not only weigh your hair down but also coats your hair shaft. To obtain volume hair using a hair conditioner, use a lighter one on a daily basis. A good hair conditioner works wonders on your hair. Invest in a good conditioner that you need to apply in the right way in adding volume to hair. Wrong application techniques will not do. In conditioning your hair for volumized hair, concentrate on ends of your hair rather than on your scalp.

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3. Use hair volumizer

Invest in a good hair volumizer to help you realize your goal. In using a volumizer, ensure that all strands of your hair are covered. If you need to by a shampoo, go for hair volumizing shampoo that will not only volumize hair but ensure that it is clean and strong.

4. Using hair spray

The state of your hair roots greatly determines whether you will obtain big hair or not. The secret is to moisturize dry hair roots at all times. While you can do this using hair spray, how you spray matters. Applying too much spray will destroy any hairstyle you wear. Ensure that you apply a light mist that targets your hair roots.

5. Blow dry

Done in a proper way, blow dry is the easiest way through which you can achieve volumized hair. To volumize hair faster, blow dry your hair upside down.

6. Using hair mousse

You can obtain big hair by simply using hair mousse. After washing, conditioning or shampooing your hair, let it hang down to dry. You may use a towel to dry out excess moisture. When still wet, squeeze some hair mousse on your finger tips, applying the same on your air, some few centimeters above your scalp. Blow dry your hair, ensuring that the dryer is on low setting. Do this regularly to obtain volumized hair.

7. Hygiene

Adding volume to hair is not all about using hair products. There is no point in growing smelly big hair. Keeping your hair clean aids in growing volumous hair. Ensure that your scalp is healthy and clean at all times.

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    These 8 ways to get hair volume are really amazing!!! Im going to try adding a hair dryer & combinations of shampoos & conditioners with maybe a powder I found to really make it stand out!

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