Can Hair Weaving Stop Hair Loss?

Worn by celebrities and ordinary women from across the world, hair weave has the positive effect of producing long, thick and luxurious hair appearance that attracts everyone. The hair weave has no doubt undergone major transformations over the years and it is not surprising that it is a common item in both large and small salons across the world. Although very popular, hair weave is not suitable for every woman. You need to weigh its advantages and disadvantages before you set off for the salon to have one fixed on your hair.

Simply put, hair weave is an item used in treating hair. The weave is can be artificial or natural human hair that a salonist weaves into your natural hair close to your scalp. There are several reasons why you may want to spot hair weave including need to have long, thick and luxurious hair or to camouflage your natural hair that is otherwise poor in texture. You may also want to spot hair weave in order to be fashionable. Hair weaves are available in different colours and can be weaved in different styles depending on your need for weave, preference and size of your hair among other factors.

Spotting a hair weave requires that you have the time because it can take several hours to weave. You also need to have adequate finance since quality hair weave can be very expensive in addition to service charges. Can hair weaving stop hair loss? This is a question that many and in particular those who suffer hair loss do ask. The simple answer is yes, it can. Coloring, perming and styling your hair for months or years no doubt leaves your hair weak and most likely damaged. The best solution to this is usually a quality hair weave that serves to protect your natural hair.

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In fixing the weave on your natural hair, a salonist will normally braid your natural hair first before fixing the weave. What this means is that the weave remains on top and absorbs all the abuse (use of styling tools) that your natural hair would have absorbed. This gives your natural hair enough time to “rest’ since it remains well protected. It is during the “resting” period, which can be as long as three months before you change or remove the weave that your natural hair rejuvenates itself, stopping hair loss in the process.

Although hair weaves produce long, luxurious and thick hair appearance, you need to note that not all hair weaves are created the same. Because you need a weave that compliments your complexion, it is very important that you choose a quality hair weave whose cost will no doubt be on the higher side. Settling for a cheap hair weave will only make it possible for anyone to notice that you put on a fake weave. Top quality hair weaves are those that are made of natural human hair. This is the type of weave that will match your natural hair’s texture to appoint where one believes that it is your natural hair instead of a weave.

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