Laser Hair Removal – 4 Major Side Effects You Should Know About

Whether to go or not go for a laser hair removal largely depends on your preferences. You may have no other alternative but to go for laser hair removal if you have excessive unwanted hair that bothers you and that you wish to eliminate permanently. Excessive hair is a problem that both men and women have to grapple with and rather than using temporary measures as in shaving, laser technology provides a permanent solution. The treatment can be applied on both small and large areas of the body.

Laser hair removal is a practice that is approved by various health authorities including the American Food and Drug Administration. The practice involves a qualified practitioner at a licensed clinic shaving and cleaning the area to be treated, after which an anesthetic cream is applied. The practitioner uses a laser that produces concentrated light, directing the same to the treatment area. This destroys melanin, which is responsible for hair growth. Melanin is a dark pigment in the hair follicle and the fact that it is dark means that it readily absorbs laser light. In case you do not have the dark melanin, it is artificially introduced below the skin around the area to be treated.

Laser hair removal treatment can take minutes to an hour, depending on the size of area to be treated and the thickness of your hair on that area. Although you may have a little uncomfortable feeling during the procedure, it is actually painless. However, you may experience swelling and redness on the treated area. This should however disappear soon after the treatment. Although highly effective, laser hair removal has been found suitable for use by those with black and brown hair. The procedure is particularly effective on those with light skin and dark coarse hair. Note that you may need go for several laser treatment sessions to achieve permanent hair removal, depending on your type and texture of hair. Treatment sessions can be spaced between three to six weeks.

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It is perfectly safe to go for to go for laser hair removal. However, you are bound to experience various side effects including:

  • Itching – This will be mild and will occur immediately after treatment.
  • Swelling – This will occur immediately after treatment but should go away within three days
  • Redness – The treated area is bound to be reddish, something that should fade away in three days.
  • Burning of the skin – This is an extreme side effect and can occur if the practitioner is not careful with the laser.

A professional laser treatment practitioner should be able to provide you with numbing creams that should make you feel comfortable before the procedure. He/she should also ice the treated area to minimize any discomfort.

To minimize side effects, you seriously need to receive laser hair removal treatment from a licensed and approved clinic. In addition, you should request and obtain information on a clinic Practitioner. You can obtain this information from your local medical association or society. Laser treatment practitioners in various countries also have their societies from where you can obtain valuable information on the qualification and experience of practicing practitioners.

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