10 Best Foundations For All Skin Types

You definitely want to live a healthy life and you do all the best to ensure that you are generally healthy. One area that you pay close attention to is your skin. You want to have a smooth healthy skin that indicates how healthy you are on the inside. However, you may suffer various skin ailments such as acne or be involved in an action that leaves your skin with permanent scars, forcing you to use make up concealers to even out scar sections. In order to use make up concealers in covering such sections of your skin, it is necessary to use skin foundation, which forms the base of foundation makeup.

Unlike before when the choice of the best foundation was limited, you now have a wide range of choices. While foundations used then were thick and unmanageable creams, you now have thick foundations in addition to light moisturizers. To make it easy for you, best make up skin manufactures have made it possible for you to have powder foundation and liquid foundation. To make foundations friendly to your skin, best concealer manufacturers now enrich their products with minerals that aid in keeping your skin smooth and healthy. You therefore have the option of going for a mineral foundation that rhymes with your type of skin.

How do you choose the best skin foundation considering the fact that there are many in the market? This can be a great challenge. Using the best foundation not only enables your skin to look even but also keeps your skin healthy. You will be exhibiting a fresh, healthy and tender skin most of the time. If you are just starting out on using foundations, it may be necessary to try out one or two that match your skin type before settling on one that brings out positive results. Since foundations appear the same while in bottles, choosing a good foundation of the right color can be a problem. It is therefore necessary to consult widely to enable you purchase the right foundation in the appropriate color.

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Below are some of the best foundations that you can try out, depending on your type of skin.

  • L’oreal Ideal Balancing Foundation – This is the best foundation for oily skin that you can try out. Since it is oil-free, it works perfectly on oily skin type. It is a matte foundation that provides for a matte finish. You can go for the powder foundation, stick or liquid foundation. This foundation contains ingredients that absorb excess oils on your skin.

  • LancOme Teint Adaptive SPF10 Foundation – This is another oil-free foundation that works by matifies oily zones on your skin, leaving the dry parts soft. It works like a natural foundation, leaving your skin natural looking.

  • Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation – This is an oil-free compact foundation suitable for use on both normal and oily skin types. Apart from blending with your skin, it is also long lasting.

  • Clinique Superbalanced Makeup – This is one of the best oil-free skin foundations available. It moisturizes your skin while absorbing all the oil. It provides for a natural skin finish.

  • Shiseido Benefiance Enriched Revitalizing Foundation – If you have a matured skin, this is your skin foundation. It provides for flawless finish, reducing skin lines in the process. It offers protection against dangerous UV rays.

  • Guinot Illuminating Foundation – Like Shesiedo, this foundation offers protection against dangerous UV rays in addition to covering up skin blemishes.

  • Shesiedo The Makeup – Go for this liquid foundation if yours is a dry skin. It is hydrated and therefore refreshes your skin, providing a matte finish.

  • Helena Rubinstein Color Clone Perfect Complexion Creator – This is a foundation suitable for dry skin. It fuses with your skin, moisturizing it while covering blemishes. It has a long lasting effect, meaning that you can wear it for a long time.
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  • MAC Selected Moistureblend SPF – This is a compact cream foundation that apart from blending with your skin produces a radiant but natural cover on your skin blemishes.

  • Guerlain Divinora Silky Smooth Foundation – You are not left out if yours is a sensitive skin and this foundation is your best pick. It is a foundation primer that is oil-free and allergy tested. It offers great blemish coverage in addition to sun protection.

The varied skin foundations in the market make it possible for you to obtain the right foundation for you in your struggle to conceal any skin blemishes. The better part of it is that you are able to access cheap make up through various cosmetic stores.

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