8 Tips To Wear Daytime Makeup Properly

Makeup is a must for you while going out of home, right? But, are you particular about the type of makeup you should wear at the different times of a day? In this article, you will get a clear idea about the type of makeup you should use at the daytime.
Well, daytime makeup should be light rather than loud. It should give you a natural and elegant look. Follow these 8 tips to wear daytime makeup properly:

1. Washing and cleaning the face

The first and foremost step that all of us should follow prior to the application of any type of makeup is cleansing. It is just like preparing the face for the makeup. Use a good quality mild face wash to get rid of dirt and grease from your face. If your skin is oily, you should use an astringent to eliminate the excess oil. Moreover, we are talking about makeup for daytime when sweating becomes utmost high. Therefore, measures should also be taken to regulate the oil secretion otherwise excess oil would spoil your entire makeup.

2. Using sunblock or sunscreen lotion

The ultraviolet radiation from sunlight is the worst enemy that our skin encounters during the daytime. Always use a good sunblock or sunscreen lotion right after washing your face in order to protect it.

3. Dabbing foundation on the skin

A water-based foundation is a wise choice for daytime makeup over an oil-based foundation as the latter makes our skin unsuitably glossy for the day. Massage an ice cube on your skin gently right before the application of the foundation in order to get a long-lasting makeup with controlled oil secretion. You can also apply a mixture of foundation and chilled water on your face, neck and earlobe. Spread it uniformly using your thumb.

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4. Applying efficient amount of face powder

With the help of a soft and broad-headed brush, apply sufficient face powder on your face as well as neck. Let your skin absorb the required amount of powder in a minute or so, and then remove the excess portion.

5. Using an ideal compact

The best daytime compact must be one shade darker than the foundation in order to make your skin appear glowing. Instead of rubbing, just pat the puff on your skin, and after that, blend the compact with long strokes.

6. Applying proper shade of blusher

If you want to flaunt a no-makeup look, pick up a blusher which is one shade darker than your normal skin tone. Stick to pink for fair complexion, and brown or tea rose for olive or dark skins at daytime. Smile so that your cheek bones become prominent enough, and apply long strokes on the apples of your cheek then.

7. Wearing a perfect eye makeup

Brown and black are two most appropriate eyeliner shades for drawing eyes beautifully at daytime. Select neutral shades such as brown or pink as your daytime eye shadow. Also, apply a few coats of mascara to get longer-looking lashes.

8. Drawing lip line beautifully

To give yourself a complete look, draw your lip line with very light shades like brown, pink, purple, nude or beige, and then add lip gloss to it. Even, a good lip gloss alone can bring a natural yet gorgeous look.

So, your makeup is absolutely perfect now. Just go out and enjoy the day!

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