Make-Up Tips For Your Workplace

The demands of the workplace in the current times are fast increasing. Earlier, the office was a place where a person was judged purely on the basis of his/ her skills. However, times have changed, and now a person’s appearance and physical presentation also matters a lot. This is even truer in the case of corporate jobs where executives have to meet clients and maintain a good company image and reputation, and also in the hospitality sector, especially with job profiles like cabin crew, ground staff on airports, hotel staff etc. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to know some effective make-up tips, which make one look presentable and impressive at the same time.

Minimal, Yet Bold

Just like your party clothes are different from your work outfits, your make-up needs clear distinction too. At work, you can’t afford to have extremely blingy or gaudy make-up. You must use neutral or light shades, with good highlighting of eyes with the use of kohl and eyeliners. Lipsticks should be those with matte effect, and eye shadows should be of light tones. Nail paints can be of pastel shades. 

Should Last Long

Busy schedules don’t give much time for constant touch-ups. So it is best to use those make-up products that last long. It is obvious that glossy lipsticks and shimmery eye shadows need regular touch-ups, so it is best to avoid those. There are plenty of cosmetic brands that have come up with long-stay or long lasting make-up products, developed especially for those with a 9 to 5 busy schedule. It is always good idea to spend some time researching on such products, and investing on them too.

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Don’t Forget Skin Care

When you know that your job demands make-up daily, then you must take special care of your skin. Otherwise, daily make-up will damage your skin very badly. Therefore, make sure that you always apply a good quality moisturizing sunscreen lotion before starting off with your make-up. Lipsticks should be preceded with lip balms that prevent chapping. Also, come what may, you must wash off your make-up every night before sleeping. Invest in good night oils and moisturizers to follow on that. Always remember that a good skin is the easiest and the safest way to look good; make-up just adds to it.

What About The Hair?

Like your make-up, your hair too needs to be set in a way that it does not require too much care during the day. A tight bun will make you look neat and presentable. If you have long hair, then a tight ponytail too works well. Some women like to keep their hair open; that can work as well, provided you pin up at least the front fringes to avoid distraction and irritation at work.

So go ahead, and look gorgeous. With these simple tips, you are all set to make a style statement at your workplace too!

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