6 Different Types of Cosmetic Surgeries for Women

Plastic surgery is a specialty of the medical profession that was originally intended to provide for corrective and restoration measures on injured or deformed human body parts. I say originally because now unlike before, plastic surgery is not only used as a corrective and restoration measure; many a people go for plastic surgery to enhance their body and body features appearance.

It takes many years of study for one to be certified and registered to practice as a plastic surgeon. In many jurisdictions and according to international health authorities, one must first qualify as a general surgeon before he/she can specialize as a plastic surgeon. These professional employ varied professional techniques and procedures in performing plastic surgery. Such include Skin grafting, a procedure in which skin tissue is obtained from another part of a patient’s body and used to cover another part that has sustained severe injuries. Alternatively, skin tissue can be obtained from a donor. Other techniques are auto grafting, allografting and xenografting. A lot goes into plastic surgery as plastic surgeons consider various factors including tests to ascertain if one is able to receive the treatment safely or not.

In reconstructive (corrective and restoration) surgery, plastic surgeons aim at enabling a patient regain use of a body part injured or deformed. Such injuries include severe burns, bone fractures, cleft palates and removal of tumors amongst other injuries and diseases. Those who go for plastic surgery treatment aimed at enhancing their physical appearance do not necessarily receive plastic surgery treatment but rather aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgery treatment. Cosmetic surgery is a sub-category of plastic surgery and is performed by a highly trained and specialized cosmetic surgeon. A cosmetic surgeon may employ the use of some techniques used in reconstructive surgery in addition to those that are specific to cosmetic surgery.

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Cosmetic surgery techniques Are :

  • Tummy tucks – This is referred to as abdominoplasty in the medical field and involves reshaping the abdomen.
  • Mammoplasty – This is breast plastic surgery that involves a lot, including breast augmentation through breast implants and breast reduction.
  • Lip enhancement – Either reduction or enlargement of lips.
  • Butt implant – Increasing buttocks size through fat grafting or through implants such as of silicone.
  • Peeling – This is done on the skin to deal with issues of acne, wrinkles. Peeling is also used for plastic surgery tattoo removal.
  • Skin resurfacing – This is also done on the skin to get rid of blemishes. It can also be used for to remove tattoos.

The number of people going for cosmetic surgery has increased over the years. With crave for beauty and perfection on the rise, influenced by both print and electronic media, cosmetic surgeons are bound to treat a bigger number of people worldwide. For several years now, celebrities have been known to undergo cosmetic surgery treatments to modify their body features and enhance their physical outlook. Plastic surgery costs can be extremely high. Cosmetic surgery can in fact be more costly and for this reason, only celebrities and the well to do are able to receive treatment. Constructive surgery may not be that expensive for the reason that a patient will like to gain the functionality of an injured body part.

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