Quick Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair for Women

The shaving of pubic hair continues to be a controversial topic. While there are women who shave in order to be trendy or as part of their body maintenance regime, there are those who abhor it all together.

First Decide if You Should Shave or Not

Whether to shave or not shave your pubic hair is really a personal decision. It all depends on your preference and how you want to feel. The decision to shave or not may also be informed by your partner’s preference.

It is important to note that your pubic hair has a role to play just in case you choose to shave. First, it prevents any form of skin to skin friction during sex. Secondly, it serves to prevent dust and particles from ending up in the vagina. Third, pubic hair serves to maintain the local environment, which benefits the healthy bacteria resident in the vagina. Shaving your pubic hair, therefore, leaves your vagina highly exposed, which increases your chances of having a vaginal infection.

One important thing you need to consider before you make the decision to shave or not is your weight. You need to realize that shaving your pubic hair when you are overweight increases chances of ingrown hair, which can be very painful. This is because your skin is closer together and is highly moisturized, which increases chances of bacterial infection.

You also need to consider whether to only trim hair instead of shaving it down to the skin. Trimming is not only safer but also eliminates the risk of having in-grown hair. However, there is really no major difference between trimming and shaving down to the skin.

Just in case you choose to shave your pubic hair, there are several things that you should and shouldn’t do.

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Steps for Smooth Shaving of Pubes

1. Always Use a New Razor

Do ensure that you shave using a new razor to prevent your chances of sustaining cuts and/or bruises. A new sharp razor preferably one with the moisturizing strip is preferred.

2. Location

Like with shaving any other hair on your body, the best place to shave your pubic hair is in a well-lit bathroom. The main reason here is the availability of moisture.

3. Mirror is always Handy

Always shave pubic hair with a mirror in your hand. This helps you to see exactly where you are shaving. This helps to eliminate the risk of sustaining cuts and bruises.

4. Trimming First

Do make it the routine to trim your pubic hair first before shaving. Use sharp scissors to trim the hair to make shaving easy because long strands of hair make it very difficult to shave smoothly.

5. Soaking

Always soak your pubic hair at least 5 minutes before you start shaving. This helps to soften the skin, which aids in shaving. It is even better to exfoliate the skin around your pubic area as part of your preparation to shave.

6. Skin

Spread out the skin tightly with you fingers as you shave to minimize chances of getting cuts.

7. Shaving Gel

Always apply a soothing shaving cream just before you start shaving. This helps to sooth skin pores, which prevents irritation.

8. Shaving strokes

The direction in which you shave is very important. Do shave in the direction in which your pubic hair grows for a smooth shave. Doing so also prevents skin irritation.

9. Cleaning

Always clean the shaven skin with warm water. You also need to pat the skin dry instead of running a towel over the skin to prevent irritation.

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10. Use After Shave Gel

Make it a point to apply a soothing aftershave gel to the shaven skin to keep the skin moisturized.

11. Wear Soft Underwear

Do wear soft underwear after shaving to give the skin room to breathe and recover. This helps to prevent ingrown hair. A good choice is one made of cotton and without tight bands around leg openings.

What You Shouldn’t Do

1. Shaving time

Do not shave your pubic hair in a rush. Allocate the adequate amount of time to ensure that you shave in a safe manner. You should also not start shaving the moment you step into the bathroom. Give your skin sufficient time to acclimatize with the bathroom environment in order to have a smooth shaving experience.

2. Shaving Gel

Do not use your regular shower gel when shaving your pubic hair. Make use of a shaving cream designed to provide for smooth shaving experience. A good choice is one without any fragrance.

3. Dry shaving

Do not dry shave your skin after shaving your pubic hair. This helps to prevent red bumps. Ensure that you moisten the skin and use a damp towel after the shave to pat the skin instead of wiping.

4. Body lotion

Do not any body lotion on your skin after shaving. Body lotions contain fragrances and using such only serves to irritate the soft and tender skin.

It does really not matter whether you choose to have or not have pubic hair. It is a personal preference. However, you need to shave properly should you choose to.

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