5 Proven Health Benefits of Glycerin

Have you ever given a try to glycerin for nourishing your skin or healing your scars? Well, benefits of glycerin are well-known and it is easily available too. If you are facing any type of skin problems, just keep faith in this natural remedy and experience wonders!

Following are 5 benefits of glycerin lined up for you:

For extremely dry skin

Tired of dry skin? Glycerin can be the best solution for you. Apply raw glycerin directly to your dry and dull skin. If it feels too sticky, you can add a few drops of water to it. When applied to excessively dry skin, glycerin forms a smooth protective coat on that. This coating helps the skin prevent the internal moisture from getting out and eventually puts a stop to skin dryness. Moreover, it traps the external moisture from the air and thus adds to the moisture content of the skin. Daily use of glycerin regulates the oil content of the skin and induces it with moisture which makes the dry and coarse skin soft and supple.

For babies

Being a very mild and non-toxic compound, Glycerin can be used for extremely sensitive skins without any worries. Several researches have successfully proved that it can even be applied on super-soft and super-sensitive skins that babies have, without causing any harm. It basically keeps the balance between the oil and moisture content of babies’ skins and maintains a hydrated as well as moisturized skin. As the skin of a baby needs special care to retain its natural softness and suppleness, glycerin can be used for this. Moreover, it is an excellent substitute for babies who are allergic to other types of baby skin care products.

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For wrinkles

Dreaming of a wrinkle-free, smooth and glowing skin? Take the help of glycerin. Beyond a certain age, wrinkles become a common problem for us. With aging, the cells of our skin become mature and the standard moisture content of it gets decreased which results into wrinkles. Glycerin gets absorbed into the intracellular layer of the skin easily and helps it plump up by providing proper moisture. It keeps the cells well and cures the wrinkles. You can also get back your lost skin elasticity and retain it for long by regular massage of glycerin.

For healing scars

All of us have to bear certain scars caused due to acne, burns, wounds etc. on our skin. It might look very unattractive and even embarrassing sometimes. However, if you apply raw or diluted glycerin twice a day on them, you will get a scar-free clear skin within a few days. Glycerin has a very strong healing power and it can be used to heal almost any type of scars. It basically boosts the metabolism of the cells of the affected region and repairs the damaged tissues, which finally removes the scars.

For treating Psoriasis and Eczema

Certain skin disorders such as ‘Psoriasis’, ‘Eczema’ etc., leave wounds or lesions on the skin. People suffering from these also face too much dryness of the skin which ultimately results into skin irritation. Therefore, they always need to keep their skin well-hydrated as sufficient hydration keeps the lesions away and also maintains the moisture content of the skin properly to reduce excessive dryness of the skin as well as the itchiness caused due to it. Being a very gentle and non-toxic material, glycerin can serve the purpose best. It provides just the perfect amount of moisture with the skin and keeps the skin enough hydrated leading to a slow but steady improvement of the appearance of the skin.

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