Can Supplements Improve Your Skin?

In order to ascertain whether or not supplements can actually improve your skin requires a close examination of what supplements are. These are edible preparations that are consumed for different purposes. There are body building supplements and dietary supplements. While body building supplements are intended to improve body muscles, dietary supplements are intended to supplement regular diet. In this case, they provide the body with the necessary nutrients, which include vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and fatty acids.

From the foregoing, it is now clear that dietary supplements can indeed improve skin and it is not surprising that such supplements are referred to as nutritional or food supplements. This is because of their value in aiding good health in certain regions of the world where regular foods lack adequate nutrients. The role and importance of dietary supplements is recognized by different health authorities around the world, with particular agencies given the responsibility to regulate their sale and consumption.

Within the EU, the EU’s Food Supplements Committee is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that only tested and therefore safe dietary supplements are offered for sale. In China, all dietary supplements must be registered with the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) prior to selling the same. The US has the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which is enforced by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Being an organ of your body, your skin relies on the foods and drinks you consume for optimum health and function. Like other organs, your skin is composed of various cells and tissues, which require ample supply of nutrients. Lack of nutrients simply leads to the occurrence of skin diseases. Lack of appropriate nutrients also leads to premature aging of the skin. It is therefore very necessary to use dietary supplements in case your regular diet does not contain adequate amounts of nutrients for healthy skin.

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Vitamin supplements are intended to supplement your vitamin intake through regular diet. In particular, vitamin supplements containing vitamins A, C and E are very important. Vitamin A is very effective in combating fine lines, wrinkles, acne and dry skin. Naturally, you should obtain vitamin A from cereals, eggs, liver and milk. Supplements containing vitamin C are also important; vitamin C helps in the repair of skin tissue and in combating adverse effects of dangerous sunrays. Naturally, you should obtain vitamin C from fruits and vegetables. Dietary supplements containing vitamin E help in controlling adverse effects of dangerous sunrays in addition to keeping your skin smooth by eliminating wrinkles.

Apart from vitamin supplements, mineral supplements may also be necessary. Note that certain skin processes can only take place in the presence of vitamins and minerals. Supplements containing such minerals as selenium help in combating the effects of free radicals by protecting your skin cells. Naturally, you should obtain varied minerals including selenium from nuts, fresh fish, poultry, cereals and grains. Your skin naturally requires oil, which you should be able to obtain from consuming a diet rich in varied foods including oil, nuts and fish amongst others. Supplements containing natural oils are also available.

You can easily wear healthy, smooth and shiny skin by simply making use of all categories of dietary supplements. It is however very important to point out that the use of supplements can be dangerous in case you consume them in excess or in case you suffer from particular medical conditions. To use them effectively, it is good to consult your doctor and nutritionist before you embark on using the same.

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