CTM (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer) Technique for a Beautiful Skin

Your skin is not only the largest organ of your body but also the most visible. For this reason, you need to exhibit a healthy and appealing skin. Your skin should actually look fresh all the time, regardless of the season or weather. Apart from a healthy diet that determines the kind of skin you wear, using a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer greatly enhance the appearance of your skin.

Through cleansing, you eliminate any dirt, oil, bacteria and makeup you may have applied. Because cleansing opens up your skin pores, you need to use a toner to close the same. Apart from closing your skin pores, a toner restores your skin’s PH level and prepares your skin to receive a moisturizer. You need to apply a moisturizer immediately applying a toner for optimum result. Moisturizers play a crucial role of keeping your skin’s natural oils in place while at the same time protecting your skin from harsh environment factors.

Using a cleanser in place of soap is considered more beneficial and healthy to your skin. Note that cleansers have low PH compared with soaps. Soaps have the effect of altering your skin’s PH, which encourages growth of bacteria that can cause acne. Soaps also have the potential to removing your skin’s natural oils. There are different types of cleansers and you have to buy according to skin type. Active cleansers are appropriate if you have oily skin. They are beneficial on oily skin because they prevent skin breakouts. Having very dry skin requires the use of a creamy cleanser that is free of alcohol.

Like with cleansers, there are varied types of toners. Fresheners or bracers are very mild as they do not contain any alcohol. In case they do, such is in very little amount. Toners literally maintain moisture on your skin, in effect preventing evaporation. Freshener toners are most appropriate for use on dry or dehydrated skin. If you have normal or oily skin then you should go for skin tonics. These types of toners are slightly stronger than fresheners because of increased alcohol content. Astringents are very strong toners. They can have up to 60% alcohol content. They are most appropriate for oily skin and you only need to apply on problematic areas of your skin rather than all areas. The most effective technique of applying toners is by use of damp cotton wool or spraying onto your face using a vaporizer.

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Moisturizers are complex formulations of chemical substances meant to make the external part of your skin soft and pliable. Moisturizers are very beneficial in preventing dry skin and improving your skin tone. They also improve the texture of your skin in addition to masking any skin imperfections you may have. For dry skin, go for heavier, oil-based moisturizers with high levels of antioxidants. Such are also appropriate for use on aging skin for they keep the skin well hydrated and soft. Water-based moisturizers are suitable for oily skin. There are moisturizers that contain soothing ingredients such as aloe and chamomile. Such are very beneficial to sensitive skin.

The most effective technique of using CTM is to start with a cleanser followed by a toner before finishing off with a moisturizer. Although you may do a CTM any time, you need to give your facial skin a chance to breathe particular at night when you sleep. Note that you will only obtain CTM benefits with purchase of suitable CTM’s, those that are suitable for your type of skin. Because unit packages containing a combination of CTM are now commercially available, you need to pay close attention while buying the same so as to only buy a package that is appropriate for your type of skin.

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