Effects of Hormonal Imbalance on Skin

Hormones are messengers in form of chemicals that are transported to different parts of your body through the bloodstream. You indeed have different types of hormones responsible for different activities within your body. They are produced by endocrine glands including pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenal and pancreas. Note also that hormones are also produced by the testes in makes and in the ovaries for females. Although hormones are very responsible and therefore important for various body functions including good health, they need to be perfectly balanced. Any imbalance in your hormonal levels causes a number of health problems and disruption of body functions.

Although there are several factors that can cause hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body, the main cause happens to be excess estrogen, which leads to low level of progesterone hormone. Excess estrogen can be caused by such factors as use of birth control pills, high stress level, mis-use and /or over-use of cosmetics containing skin-penetrating chemicals. Apart from these, high estrogen can also occur as result of genetics, being overweight, cancer, lack of exercise, pregnancy and lactation among other factors.

Like with any other condition in your body, you are bound to experience various symptoms because of hormonal imbalance. Such include general body fatigue, appearance of acne on the skin, regular mood swings, reduced libido and loss of memory among other symptoms. You may also develop various health conditions in case of extreme hormonal imbalance. Such include urinary tract infections, arthritis, hair loss and chronic fatigue syndrome among other health conditions.

Effects of hormonal imbalance are not limited to internal parts of your body. It is on your skin where symptoms do become easily visible. Hormonal imbalance in both male and female teenagers normally shows on the skin as blemishing of the skin and excess oil on the skin. Even though these symptoms and the imbalance do fade away as teens age, there are those who remain with imbalanced hormones and therefore experience the symptoms right into adulthood.

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Apart from blemishing of the skin and excess oil on the skin, hormonal imbalance also causes imbalance of skin moisture. Hormones naturally stimulate sebaceous glands in the skin to produce sebum, the skin’s natural oil. While high level of estrogen leads to high production of sebum and therefore highly moisturized skin, low level of estrogen hinders production of sebum, leading to dry skin. This in older women occurs as sagging skin.

There is no doubt that hormones play a very important role in determining the appearance, health and texture of your skin. It is because of these that cosmetic manufacturers now manufacture skin care products that contain ingredients that encourage hormonal balance. Such ingredients include isoflavones obtained from soy, pregnenolone and dehydroepiandrostone (DHEA). The latter two are obtained from yams. These ingredients act to ensure that your hormonal fluctuations are kept under control. Apart from skin care products, it is recommended that you personal initiative to maintain hormonal balance as much as possible. This you can do by carefully selecting what you eat, cutting down on intake of caffeine and ensuring that you obtain quality sleep for at least eight hours every day.

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