How to Even Your Uneven Skin Tone

Having an even skin tone is very important. It is the only key to having a flawless skin, especially a flawless facial skin. Professional makeup experts in fact stress on the need of having an even skin tone as the perfect foundation for applying makeup. You can apply make up but not be satisfied with the outcome simply because you have uneven skin tone. However, there is a catch here. What is your skin tone? Note that you can only even your skin with a good understanding of yourself (your skin tone). It is with that understanding that you will be able to shop for appropriate makeup.

Types of Skin Tones

The following are the four main skin tone groups of which yours certainly belongs to one.

  • Pink or light skin tone – Your skin has pink or porcelain under tones. The appropriate makeup you need use is pink makeup.
  • Olive or medium skin tone – You have olive or medium skin tone if you are a Mediterranean, a fair skinned African American, of a mixed race or a Latino. Olive makeup is your best pick.
  • Yellow skin tone – You probably have a yellow skin tone if you are a Caucasian, Asian or of a mixed race. Yellow makeup is your pick.
  • Brown or dark skin tone – You have a dark or brown skin tone if you are an African American, you are deep complexioned or generally with a dark skin. When shopping for makeup, go for brown makeup.

The importance of determining your skin tone lies in the fact that it enables you make the right choice in buying makeup, which you wear without anyone noticing that you have applied the same, because it blends in well with your skin tone. However, such application will only come out nice with an even skin tone. How do you even your uneven skin tone?

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Process to Even the Uneven Skin Tone

Undertake the following:

  • Exfoliation – Start by exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation removes buildup of dead skin cells that muck up your skin. The muck up makes your skin look dull and old. It becomes very difficult to moisturize your skin because the same does not soak in properly. Use face scrubs, chemical peels and vitamin A products in exfoliating your skin (including facial skin).
  • Preparation – Preparing your skin is important in making it even. Note that you will only be able to apply a foundation smoothly on a moisturized skin. It is therefore important to plump your skin with a primer (preferably with SPF). You can alternatively use a moisturizer with SPF.
  • Even – to even out your skin tone, apply a foundation or moisturizer, ensuring that the same blends in perfectly into your skin. It should be neither too light nor dark. If it is your facial skin, pay close attention to your nose, cheeks and chin. Consider using a creamy concealer under your eyes and any blemishes present to conceal the same.
  • Color – You will notice that the area of your skin you have just evened out lacks color. It is important to bring back the color. Do this by applying bronzing powder using a fluffy brush, especially on areas where the sun hits directly such as on your cheeks, forehead and on your nose.
  • Setting – Finalize by setting your skin with use of a powder. You will not just obtain an even skin but also a perfect skin complexion.

As you will probably notice, even skin requires very minimal use of makeup. You will only need to apply a little for fantastic look. Although most women pay attention to facial skin, go out of your way and have an even skin tone on the rest of your body.

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