Some Essential Tips For Winter Skin Care

So, the winter is back again! Are you ready to fight chilly breeze and excessive dryness? Yes, with winter around the corner, the cold winds take all the natural moisture of our skin away leading to a dry, rough, glow less skin. However, it is not quite impossible to enjoy the beauty of the weather by keeping and maintaining the beauty of our skin intact.

All we need to do is follow a few basic yet essential steps to retain a soft and healthy skin. Some simple but vital winter skin care tips are given here:

Keep your body well-hydrated

Generally, the fluid intake gets decreased in the winter leaving our body cells as well as the entire body dehydrated. Therefore, the first and foremost step of winter skin care should be intake of at least 8 glasses of water per day. Adequate quantity of liquid helps us maintain a well-hydrated body which ultimately retains the elasticity and natural glow of the skin. On the other hand, relax your body by taking ‘a lukewarm bath‘. In order to trap the natural oil content as well as the lost moisture of body, put 2-3 drops of oil in the water. Never use too hot water for bathing as it just sweeps away the normal oils of our skin. Keep your entire body soft and healthy by massaging olive oil, or even a good body lotion.

Maintain a clean, clear and nourished face

A beautiful, radiant face even in the cold is an outcome of regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing. These three basic steps of winter skin care help your skin appear younger and resilient by exfoliating the dead skin cells as well as allowing new skin cells to emerge. Every night, rinse your face thoroughly and apply a quality night cream to the damp face to make it get absorbed easily. Though the sun is not harsh enough this time, it affects your skin still. Always use a good sunscreen or sun block ranging from SPF 15 to 25 whenever going out.

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Make your lips soft and supple

Say ‘no’ to licking the dry lips and biting the dead skin peeling on its surface. It would make them even drier and would end in bleeding from the chapped areas. Keep a natural lip balm handy, or just massage your lips with a little honey in order to preserve the softness of your lips for a very long time. If you need to use lip color frequently, use a lip balm at first and then wear the color to hold it for a longer period.

Moisturize your hands and feet

When it comes to the winter skin care, we often ignore our hands and feet which get extremely dry and rough, particularly around the cuticles. Apply a good quality moisturizer or use glycerin regularly to get rid of excessive dryness. Also, apply the same remedy to your cracked heals.

Now you are ready to enter a beautiful and glossy winter keeping all these tips with yourself. Just enjoy the chilly breeze and stay happy through the season!

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