6 Amazing Beauty & Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Although the value of Tea tree has only come to be known over the past recent years, the natives of New South Whales in Australia long established its value. They have traditionally extracted Tea tree oil from the tree’s leaves and used the same to treat and manage various health conditions. Fresh extracted Tea tree oil is pale yellow in color with a camphor odor. It is one of the few natural plant oils that have been established to have a negative effect on harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. The natives of Eastern Australia have traditionally used Tea tree oil obtained from crushed leaves to treat varied infections including colds and flu. They use ground (powder) Tea tree leaves in the treatment of wounds.

Due to its usefulness and growing popularity, Tea tree is now grown commercially. The demand witnessed from early 1970s saw many in Australia and other regions of the world turn to growing Tea tree commercially for oil production. The oil contains about 15 powerful compounds that have been noted for its effectiveness. Some of the components include terpinen-4-o1, terpinene and Cineole amongst others. You may not use pure Tea tree oil directly. It needs to be diluted otherwise it can cause health problems. Due to its medicinal properties, you can use Tea tree oil to treat the following ailments:

Health & Beauty Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

  • Acne – Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for acne, one of the common skin problems that most women have to grapple with. Because of its natural bacterial, fungicidal and viral properties, it leaves the skin smooth and without spots.
  • Boils – Tea tree oil is very effective against boils. Continuous daily application of the same penetrates the skin, killing responsible bacteria.
  • Toenail fungus – Applying a few drops of Tea tree oil on affected toe once per day for a few days kills the fungus.
  • Warts – Some women are highly susceptible to warts infection, something that Tea tree oil not only treats but prevents as well.
  • Oral infections – Tea tree oil is very effective against varied oral infections including oral candidiasis, gingivitis and inflamed gums amongst others. It is also a very effective treatment for bad breathe if used as a mouth wash.
  • Congestion – Inhaling Tea tree oil fumes is very effective in treating and eliminating congestion and sore throats.
  • Scalp infections – Scalp problems such as dandruff and head lice can be eliminated by the use of Tea tree oil.
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The benefits of Tea tree oil extends beyond topical application on the skin. Aquarium fish are occasionally treated with diluted solutions of Tea tree oil to kill bacterial and fungal infections. Apart from killing bacteria and fungi, Tea tree oil also promotes fish tissue growth. When left in an open container, Tea tree oil is a powerful pesticide that kills mosquitoes on contact.

Because of its potency, you should not take pure Tea tree oil orally. While diluted Tea tree oil may not be that potent, taking it orally can cause mild side effects. However, some home remedies have proved safe for use orally. Such include a mixture of Tea tree oil and honey (effective in treating congestion and sore throats) and as food preservative. Most cosmetic products including soaps, creams and shampoos now contain Tea tree oil as an ingredient.

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