10 Tips For Using Artificial Toenails

Making split or blackened toenails striking or enhancing the beauty of natural toenails with artificial toenails has become one of the latest fashion trends. These are basically made of acrylic plastic and can be affixed to the natural toenails with the help of semi-permanent glue or even temporary adhesive stickers.

Also, these re-usable false toenails can be used for a long period. However, while applying these for the first time at your home, you must be cautious about the following facts:

  • While purchasing artificial toenails, determine the length of your each toe at first and then make sure that the sizes are correct.
  • Taking help of a nail technician is a wise idea while picking up artificial toenails from a vast range. Depending upon your natural toenails, nail wraps or nail gel could be found to be better options for you than artificial ones.
  • Apply the glue to the artificial toenails slowly and cautiously before placing them over the natural ones for proper attachment. Glide an artificial piece over a natural nail gradually by holding it at an angle of 45 degree. Evenly press the artificial nail for 5-10 seconds so that no air remains entrapped between the junctions. Only 1 and 2 drops of adhesive is enough for small and big toenails respectively rather than using lot of glue. Also, after applying adhesive to the artificial toenails, wait for at least 30 seconds to attach it to the natural ones.
  • Re-file and smoothen the surfaces of both your toenails with the help of emery board. Use its courser side to get rid of any thickening on your original nails by aggressive filing. While fixing the false nails, always start with the biggest one. To make them stick to their positions, place them firmly and properly against the cuticles. If the size mismatch occurs, file them appropriately once the glue is dried up completely.
  • Artificial toenails should always be used after going through a mini pedicure such as nail filing, cuticle cleaning, wiping nail polish off etc. If your nail polish remover leaves a greasy layer on your nails, apply lemon juice to make the surfaces clean. Also, use a strong adhesive for nail attachment and coat your nails with paint or enamel only after the adhesive is dried properly. All these would provide a beautiful look to your nails and make them stay attached longer.
  • Wearing artificial toenails for more than 10 days may cause serious bacterial as well as fungal infections and make the nails itchy. It is recommended to change it after each 7 days.
  • In order to remove false toenails effortlessly, trim them as much as possible. If you do not have an artificial nail remover, just soak your nails in a general nail polish remover containing acetone for a while. After separating them, remove the glue residue tenderly from your nails. Never yank your artificial nails off.
  • The packs of artificial toenails come with certain instructions which must be followed strictly. While wearing long artificial toenails, open-toed sandals or flip-flops should be preferred rather than tight shoes otherwise the artificial nails could be lifted off. Moreover, keep a nail adhesive handy always.
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