Top 10 Uses of Rose Water

Rose water has of late become a very popular ingredient in the formulation of skin care products. This is not surprising considering that early Egyptians used the water in their beauty regime.

Rose water contains very powerful substances in the form of natural chemicals and oil. The presence of these chemicals makes it possible for you to use Rose water in different ways and purposes.

  1. Treatment of Irritated Skin

The substances available in Rose water make it one of the best anti-inflammatory remedies that you can find. Indeed, you can use Rose water to treat such skin conditions as acne, eczema and dermatitis.

A good way to use it to treat skin conditions is to mix Rose water and lemon juice in equal amount. Mix the solution thoroughly before applying it on your skin or specific areas affected. Leave the solution on for at least 30 minutes for the ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin. Do this as a matter of routine to get rid of any skin condition.

  1. Skin Hydrant

Rose water is very good for dry skin. It does not only revitalize the skin but also moisturizes the skin, allowing you to wear a youthful flawless skin.

Add a reasonable amount of Rose water to either your moisturizer or regular body cream. Apply the moisturizer or cream all over your body to hydrate all your skin.

  1. Makeup Remover

There is really no effective makeup remover as Rose water. Using Rose water to remove your makeup has added advantage; it penetrates your skin to nourish your skin cells from within.

Consider dipping a ball of cotton wool in Rose water every time you want to remove your makeup. Rub the cotton wool gently on your skin to remove makeup in a safe way.

  1. Hair Conditioner

Rose water has been used as a hair conditioner since time immemorial. Using Rose water as hair conditioner also benefits your scalp in a big way. This is because it nourishes the scalp, which helps to enhance growth of hair. Furthermore, using Rose water as hair conditioner is very effective in getting rid of dandruff.

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Use Rose water after shampooing your hair. It is effective if you use it as the final rinse, of which a cup of Rose water should be enough. You will end up with voluminous hair that is shiny, strong and good-looking.

  1. Facial Toner

Rose water has astringent property. This makes it one of the best facial skin toners available. Its astringent property helps to clean and open up closed skin pores. This is in addition to toning your facial skin. Furthermore, using Rose water as a facial toner tightens the capillaries beneath.

The effective way to use it as a facial toner is to start by steaming your face. Use a ball of cotton wool to apply the water all over your face and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Do this on a regular basis to have a toned and smooth facial skin.

  1. Lip Stain

Rose water is very good as lip stain. Indeed, you can use it in place of your regular cosmetic. Because you may need to color your lips, you need to add another substance of which beetroot is the best.

Get a piece of beetroot and cut it into small pieces. Place the pieces in the sun to dry. Grind the pieces to obtain the fine powder. Add a reasonable amount of Rose water to the powder and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture on your lips and leave on for at least 15 minutes before cleaning. You will have soft and pink lips. 

  1. Body Spray

Rose water is one of the most effective home remedies for sunburn and the associated skin rashes.

Consider pouring the water in a water battle spray. Spray your body with the water the moment you arrive home. The water serves to calm and soothe your skin in addition to eliminating the redness and itchiness caused by excess heat from the sun.

  1. Eye Drop

The use of Rose water as an eye drop has been found to be very effective in eliminating tired eyes. This is in addition to treating inflamed eyes. Rose water is also very effective in eliminating puffiness and treating eye redness.

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Dip balls of cotton wool in Rose water. Place the balls on your eyes with your eyes closed while lying down. Leave the balls on your eyes for at least 10 minutes to get the benefits.

  1. Mood Enhancer

Rose water has a very powerful aroma that has been found to be effective in enhancing mood. Indeed, the aroma has been found to be very effective in getting rid of the feeling of anxiety.

You simply need to place Rose water in your favorite room to allow the aroma to engulf the room.

  1. For Sleep

The aroma associated with Rose water is not only effective in enhancing your mood. The aroma is also effective in inducing sleep. This is in addition to helping you have quality sleep.

Consider rinsing your pillow case after washing with Rose water. Do not place the case in the sun to dry but rather in a shade. The aroma that remains on the pillow case will help you have quality sleep.

You should be able to find Rose water at your local pharmacy or drug store. You can also make your own just in case you are unable to find it easily. There are two methods you can make your own Rose water:

The first method is to get fresh and clean petals of Rose. You need to collect at least 500 grams of the petals. Measure 1 liter of distilled water into a clean jug and place the petals inside. Place the jug in direct sunlight for at least 3 days. Filtrate the mixture to obtain the Rose water liquid. Place the water in the refrigerator for use when you need to.

The second method to make your own Rose water is to collect at least 50 grams of petals of Rose. Boil the petals in 1 liter of distilled water. Allow the water to boil until it measures ½ a liter. Filtrate the water in a clean jug and place it in the refrigerator for use when you need to.

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