Top 15 Beauty Bloggers in World

Bloggers have certainly been around for some time now. However, the emergence of specialized bloggers has completely changed the blogging environment. Unlike general bloggers who write about almost everything of interest, specialized bloggers only focus on one area or subject.

One area that has attracted the interest of specialized bloggers is the beauty. There are thousands of beauty bloggers from different parts of the world. Not only do they offer general readers and their followers beauty advice and information; they also review beauty products for the benefit of their readers. There are also some beauty bloggers who have created their own beauty product lines.

The following are some of the top 15 bloggers. While some are established bloggers, others are relatively new in blogging but have managed to acquire a huge number of followers simply because of their quality beauty advice.

1. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is an English beauty blogger. She was born in 1974 but was raised in New Zealand when her parents moved. The family moved back to England to live in Liverpool.

She began to develop an interest in beauty stumbling upon her mother’s make-up products. The products dated back to 1960 and were at her grandmother’s house. Her decision to pursue a career in beauty was informed by an on-stage makeup book she was given as a present.

She later moved to London where she enrolled at Complexions to pursue a course in photographic makeup artistry. She soon secured a job with a makeup agency. It was while working with the agency that she was approached by a representative of Elle magazine to work alongside model Cindy Crawford. The two had a perfect chemistry and worked for some time, giving Lisa the opportunity to build her reputation.

Lisa has since become a household name in the beauty industry. She is a regular traveler and has been in Paris, Los Angeles, and New York among other locations. Her work can be found in many magazines including Vogue, LOVE Magazine, Elle, Allure, and Glamour.

Lisa Eldridge has established herself as an authoritative make-up artist, beauty author, and creative director. Some of her clients include Cara Delevingne, Sophie Dahl, Alexa Chung and Liv Tyler among many others.

2. Nikkie De Jager

Nikkie De Jager was born in Netherlands. She began to develop an interest in beauty in 2008. She was sick and was in bed while watching TV. Her interest was simply evoked by the beautiful looks of Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad, and Audrina Patridge in the program The Hills.

Nikkie did not waste time. She went to YouTube to search for The Hills Makeup. She went on to search for more and found a lot of beauty tutorials. It was after this that Nikkie decided to create her own beauty tutorials and YouTube became her main outlet.

She joined B Academy in 2010 to pursue a course in Makeup. Her instructor was Pascale Tesser, an established makeup artist. She later joined Tesser’s Colorful Agency, which gave her the opportunity to work on some great makeup projects. She built a strong reputation and has had the opportunity to have her work featured in such magazines as Fashionista, Linda, and Marie Claire.

Nikkie has since established herself as a professional makeup artist and beauty blogger. Her Nikkie Tutorials channel on YouTube is one of the most followed with over 6 million subscribers.

3. Amber Katz

Amber Katz is one of the beauty bloggers whose interest in beauty begun when they were of a tender age. Amber began to give her brother what she called face treatments every week while still in elementary school. She would deny her brother the opportunity to watch TV if he refused to receive her facials.

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However, Amber worked as a financial writer and editor when she completed college. However, her passion for everything to do with creams, lotions and other beauty products did not die. She soon launched Beauty Blogging Junkie, a blog that gave her the opportunity to provide news, reviews and personal opinion about beauty.

In addition to writing through her blog, she is also a regular contributor to Buzzworthy Blog, Elle Magazine, and She has since rebranded her blog to Rouge18.

4. Elle Fowler

Elle was born Lisa Sylvia Fowler in 1988 in New Orleans, USA. The family later moved to Tennessee where she joined Miami University. Her sister Blair, who was born Laura Elizabeth Fowler in 1993 joined Dobyns-Bennet High School.

The two sisters partnered and began posting beauty and style tutorials on YouTube in 2008. Their tutorials became a hit with beauty lovers. While Elle posted as AllThatGlitters21, Blair posted as Juicystar07. Elle’s videos have so far been viewed over 145 million times and Blair over 240 million times.

The two sisters have since become household names in the beauty industry. Their videos have often been criticized for promoting addiction for shopping and materialism. In the meantime, they continue to provide useful advice to their followers and subscribers.

5. Tanya Burr

Tanya is an established British fashion and beauty blogger, vlogger, author and makeup artist. She was born in 1989. She has also established her own line of beauty products, Tanya Burr Cosmetics.

Tanya grew up in Norwich where she attended Long Stratton High School. She later joined Notre Dame for her sixth form after which she pursued a course in makeup artistry. She later secured a job with Norwich’s Jarrolds’ Department Store.

Tanya initially uploaded makeup tutorials on YouTube from late 2009. She has also continued to maintain a strong presence on social media sites, something that has earned her a huge number of followers. Indeed, she has over 3 million subscribers through YouTube channel.

Tanya Burr is a regular face at the London Fashion Week. She is also into writing and has since written Love, Tanya, a beauty guide full of beauty advice.

6. Fleur de Force

Fleur de Force is one of the most successful bloggers and vloggers in England. She was born in 1988 and has established herself as a top beauty and makeup expert. Her works are mainly to be found on YouTube where she has earned over 1 million subscribers.

She created her first YouTube beauty video in 2008. The channel, Bride De Force continues to attract viewers and subscribers out to learn everything to do with beauty.

7. Kate La Vie

Kate is both a beauty blogger and vlogger. She describes herself as a beauty obsessive of which she is.

She writes and creates videos on everything to do with beauty. She provides tips and tricks on how to remain and maintain beauty in all areas. She has become a big influencer and has managed to hit over 2 million views on her YouTube channel and thousands of subscribers.

8. Michelle Phan

Michelle is a well established American blogger, entrepreneur, and demonstrator. She was born in 1987 in Boston.

She started off with a personal blog in 2005 and used it to provide makeup tutorials. This was before you started uploading the same on YouTube after receiving numerous requests for more. She soon secured a contract with Lancome and she became their official video makeup artist.

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She has since partnered with many other beauty companies doing different beauty projects. They include ICON Network and Cutting Edge Group among others. She has also received numerous awards including Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty.

9. Amanda Steele

Amanda Steele is one of top American beauty vloggers. She is also a model and actress. She was born in 1999 as Amanda Lynn Steele in Huntington Beach.

Her beauty works are mainly on YouTube where she has built a huge following. Her beauty and fashion uploads have so far received 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 800 thousand followers on Instagram.

10. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is an American professional makeup artist and beauty blogger and YouTube personality. She was born Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers in 1990.

She debuted on YouTube in 2011 with a channel that became popular instantly. She has since established her own beauty business. She has also partnered with Becca Cosmetics, a partnership that saw the birth of the Champagne Pop highlighter.

Her beauty business, Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection is mainly comprised of eye shadows and highlighters.

11. Adrienne Lauren

Adrienne Laurenne is one of the few beauty bloggers who has restricted themselves to beauty products. She is an English blogger who specializes in providing unbiased reviews of varied beauty products including hair, cosmetics, nails and skin care products.

Adrienne does not provide makeup looks. She only provides useful reviews and tips, something that her readers appreciate.

12. Chloe Morello

Chloe is one of the top beauty and style artists in Australia. She was born in Batemans Bay, Australia in 1990. She is a top YouTube personality where she has managed to acquire million of followers and subscribers.

Chloe mainly creates beauty video tutorials that are not only informative but educative as well. Some of her videos are custom videos for such actresses as Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, and Barbara Palvin. She has also participated in big beauty campaigns organized by Napoleon Perdis, L’Oreal Paris, and Vaseline.

13. Eleanor Pendleton

Eleanor is one of the most respected beauty authorities in Australia. She is an established editor and publisher in everything to do with beauty and style. Eleanor provides the latest news about the latest beauty trends, beauty products, and beauty techniques. She also provides useful beauty tips, advice, tutorials and tricks on matters to do with hair.

14. Jane Cunningham

Jane is am English beauty blogger who started off writing beauty articles for such newspapers as The Guardian and The Express. Jane is also a writer who has written four books on the subject of beauty. She later created British Beauty Blogger, a blog through which she talks about personal experiences on beauty, something she could not do while writing for newspapers. She also talks about beauty products, providing her readers with useful information and latest news about beauty products.

15. Christina Butcher

Christina Butcher is one of the few beauty bloggers who specialize in writing about only one area; hair.

Her writings are about her personal experiences with her hair. However, she also keeps her readers updated about latest hair trends.

Her writings mainly cover different hair styles including crown braided, classic twists and pins, side braided hair styles, pin styles and French roll twists among many other styles. She also provides tutorials on how to wear scarves.

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