Want Glowing Skin, Eat Tomatoes

Tomato is a fruit that is consumed by us in different ways, either raw as an ingredient in salads, other dishes or processed as in sauces, drinks. Tomatoes are believed to have numerous health benefits that can not be ignored in any way. A medium sized tomato can fulfill over 55 percent of required daily value of Vitamin C in a healthy adult, moreover it also fulfills over 20 percent of Vitamin A and over 10 percent of Vitamin K and other important minerals, dietery fibers and protein required by the body to maintain healthy skin and other body organs like heart diseases, kidneys, liver. Apart from all these, tomatoes help in the cases of high cholestrol.

The most important benefit of the tomato is that it contains a phytochemical called lycopene which is essential in your body and the body does not produces it naturally but needs it as a powerful anti-oxidant to flush free radicals out of the body.
Lycopene is basically a bright red carotene which may also be found in vegetables and fruits like watermelons, red carrots, papayas but the percentage of lycopene is the highest in tomato. When lycopene is consumed by you either in the form of ketchup or other dishes, stomach absorbs it and lipoproteins present their transports it through blood to other organs like testes, adrenal glands and liver. When tomatoes are heated while making a dish or in processed form, the bioavailability of the lycopene increases.
Tomatoes are also linked to cancer prevention for various cancers like colon cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, cervical cancer and cancers of mouth, stomach, esophagus and pharynx.
Tomatoes taken in the diet boosts procollagen level in the skin to a significant percent which starts the reversal of aging of skin. Tomatoes, if taken regularly in your diet, in specific proportions do alot more benefits to the skin than thought of. Tomatoes have cooling, whitening and firming properties for the skin. They have high content of Vitamin C which helps in reviving dull, tired skin, and acne treatment. Due to its acidic nature, it can be used as an astringent to balance the skin ph level and thereby removing excess oil from the skin.
Whichever your skin type is, either oily, or dry, or combination, tomatoes are just perfect for your skin. Tomatoes are a sunscreen for skin from inside as is the sunscreen we apply daily for the out protection.
  • To refresh the skin, just simply cut the tomato and apply it directly on ur face in round motions, wash after 15 minutes and you can see the results instantly.
  • To use the tomato as a cleanser, crush a tomato and an avocado and mix them. Apply this soothing mask evenly on face for 20-30 minutes. Wash with cold water.
  • If you have big pores, tomatoes can be applied to face by crushing a tomato and adding few drops of lime. Tomatoes shrink the size of pores if applied regulary.
  • Honey can be added to tomato juice in case of acne on the skin due to its moisturising and anti-bacterial properties.
  • In case of sunburns, crush half of the tomato and mix it with 9-10 drops of yoghurt and apply it on the face evenly. It gives a cooling effect to the skin. Wash the face after 20 minutes.
All these treatments work best if followed 2-3 times a week.

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