Buying a Hair Straightener? – Read this first!

Hair straightening is a technique to make your hair look staright and flattened to get a sleek and smooth look. This technique is used by women who have curly or wavy hair but they want to change their look. The first thing that comes in mind is which hair straightener to buy as there are a number of brands which make different hair straighteners with different specifications and features. So i am discussing few of the points you need to keep in mind while buying a new hair straightener:
Ceramic or Titanium plates
The plates of your hair straightener should be either  of ceramic or titanium. These kind of plates distributes an equal heat to the hair between them and prevent burning of hair. These lates are smooth to touch and they do not peel chip after regular use for years. These also add shine to hair and seals the cuticles of hair and thus prevents frizz. Both these plates prevent static electricity.
Ionic Feature
This feature is noticed on most of the hair straighteners when searching for the right one. This is a good feature that needs to be in you hair straightener. Ionic here means the neagtive ions. The negative ions helps to make your hair smooth by closing the cuticle layer and thus eliminates frizz in the hair. Your hair will look healthy and shiny as the moisture is sealed in them, thus, protecting your hair from heat damage.Due to this feature, Tourmaline is infused into titanium or ceramic plates which are usually referred to as ceramic tourmaline or titanium tourmaline as it contains far infrared rays and negative ions in its natural state.
Far Infrared Heat
This kind of hair straighteners heats the hair from inside out and thus cause less damage to the hair surface. Heat is distributed evenly and results are shown faster.
Size of Plates
It just depends on the length of hair that you want to straighten by using the straightener. If you wantend to straight long hair then any size of plates will work for you but for small, curly or wavy hair, use plates of size 1 inch.
Temperature Control
This depends on your hair type. If your hair are thin, weak or small or you have treated your hair chemically, then you should buy a flat iron and use it on low temperature. Otherwise, if you have normal healthy hair, you can use the straigtener on higher temperature as compared for thin hair.
Flash Quick Heating
This feature is for quick heating of the iron. This just saver your time to wait for the iron to get hot.
Swivel Cord
This will just prevent you from getting tangled up while moving the iron back and forth around you head. Keeping these things in mind, you can find and buy a hair straightener that suits your hair and their needs.
Good Luck!

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