5 Easy Tips to Choose Right Bra Size

The use of bras has literally replaced that of corsets as the most preferred method of providing breasts with the necessary support. You can choose from a wide assortment of bras that are manufactured by different clothing companies in different countries around the world. Why should you wear a bra? Although you may dismiss it, this question is vital because not all women wear bra.
Some women are into wearing backless dresses that are designed with breast support on the front and the need to wear a bra does not therefore arise. You may wear bra for the following reasons:

  • To shape your breasts – If you perceive your breasts to be out of shape, wearing the right size bra will enhance and improve their shape.
  • Resize your breasts – You can comfortably wear bra with the intention of minimizing or enlarging your breast size.
  • Restraint – It may be necessary to restrict the movement of your breasts when undertaking an activity such as while exercising. You will be able to restrict breast movement by wearing a bra of the right size.
  • To prevent sagging – You may have large breasts that sag, you can comfortably wear a bra of the right size to prevent sagging.
  • To create false breasts – Your breasts show your feminity, which definitely makes you proud. However, not all women have breasts (yes if you wonder). Some women are born without real breasts but tiny ‘hills’ instead of breasts. Such women can wear bra to give the impression that they actually have breasts.
  • As a requirement – Some employers require all their women employees to wear bra while at work and you it will necessary for you to wear a bra even if you normally do not wear the same.

Generally, majority of women wear bra. From studies undertaken however, 95% of those who wear bra wear wrong size bras. This makes them uncomfortable and the first thing they do on reaching home is to toss away the bra. This does not mean that majority of women do not know how to choose bras of the right size. Note that the size of your bra is not the same in a given period. The size will change depending on hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight gain and loss.

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Bra manufacturers design bras to have a cup for each breast, a gore (center panel), shoulder straps and a band that goes around your torso under your bust. Bras are generally made in a square form with all the components cut according to manufacture specifications. These are machine- assembled together and coated metal hooks and eyes sewn to complete a bra. Various types in different sizes, designs, styles and colors are made this way before being availed into the market. Some of the commonly used materials used in the making of bras include cotton, spandex, lace, and polyester. To make them strong and therefore able to support your breasts, metallic underwire are used inserted into the cups.

The size of a bra is in most cases restricted to the size of bra cups, although measurements of the other components are vital. The fact that there is no standard bra cup size presents a challenge to bra manufacturers. For this reason, you will find each country having its own bra size specifications. You may therefore not find your perfect size but rather a ‘close’ fitting size. Bra manufactures indicate bra sizes using a double-digit number and a single or double letter. While the double-digit number indicates the band measurement (band size or back size), the single or double letters indicate cup size. Manufactures indicate the sizes in such a way that the band size corresponds with the cup size. You will therefore not find a C size bra is not in the same band size in all the categories. It is therefore possible to that a 24C bra size is the same as a 32D or 36B bra, but in a smaller frame. Generally, band sizes range from 24 to 36, with cup sizes varying greatly, depending on country. In some countries, cup sizes range from A to D while others have A, AA, B, C, D, DD and so on.

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Because of the difficulties that you may therefore have in choosing a bra of the right size, use the following tips to assist you:

  • Determine your band (back) size – Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of the area below your breasts (round). Your measurements should be in inches. If the measurement you obtain is an odd number, round it off to the nearest even number. If you obtain an even number measurement, that will be your band size.
  • Determine your cup size – It will be easy to determine your cups size if you already are wearing a bra, noting that the band size corresponds with cup size. You need to go for a larger or smaller cup size. Your right cup size should fill perfectly without forming any wrinkles on the cup fabric. Any visible part of your breast means the cups size is small on you.
  • Armed with the above two measurements, try out bra before you pay for the same.
  • To maintain your bra and make them last long, wear a separate bra on each day.
  • Do not buy the same size bra whenever you come across one; your bra size may have changed and you may need to make another round of measurements.

It is very important that you only buy and wear bras in appropriate size. Wearing wrong-size bras produce health problems including back pain, breathing difficulties, abrasions, poor posture and breast pain.

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    I’m a 24C but wear a 34A in woman’s size. I’m 24. Am I flat, big? Why does 24C look so big? 34A the equivelent is pretty much a perfect size & looks like it’s made for a petite female like me.

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