4 Different Types Of Protein Shakes

Protein is one of the major structural components of our body cells. As it helps us maintain our overall health by facilitating the proper functioning of each cell, deficiency of it can take a toll on our well-being. To meet the protein requirement of our body, we must include protein rich foods as well as protein shakes in our diet. Pick up the most suitable one from the following list of 4 different types of protein shakes:

Casein protein shakes

The protein ‘Casein’ is exclusively obtained from milk. Researchers have proved that casein forms around 80% of the entire protein content of milk. Hence, it is considered to be the most vital milk protein. Protein shakes made with casein are full of almost all the essential amino acids that are required for our body. These shakes are rich in various types of peptides which promote the growth of our body muscles. They also help us uphold the proper performance of our immune system. However, our body cannot absorb casein protein shakes straight away. As they need some time to start their function, the essential amino acids are also released into the blood stream slowly. Therefore, casein protein shakes are not ‘a real good choice’ for instant muscle relaxation.

Soy protein shakes

If animal protein is something that you do not like at all, try out soy protein shakes. As the name itself suggests, it is wholly made of soy beans, and therefore, is the best option for vegetarians as well as people who are deprived of milk proteins due to their allergic nature to dairy products. Soy protein shakes consist of a lot of essential amino acids, though not all of them. They also hold antioxidant properties which eventually provide protection with our body and keep us healthy. But, in spite of these, it is thought that soy protein shakes are not efficient for the complete protein requirement of our body. They are also not easy to digest and absorb, and hence, are not able to show immediate results. Sometimes, men avoid these protein shakes as they are known to reduce the level of testosterone in the blood.

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Whey protein shakes

Whey protein is another type of protein originated from milk. It contains all those 9 types of essential amino acids that are needed to maintain our overall health. Hence, it acts as a complete source of protein. Unlike other two protein shakes mentioned above, whey protein shakes are absorbed by our body very swiftly and release amino acids in the bloodstream right away. For its instantaneous action it is considered to be the best protein shake for athletes. Also, whey protein shakes are chosen by most of the common people as they can provide all our essential amino acids readily.

Egg protein shakes

Those who are fond of animal protein can always opt for egg protein shakes. These are solely made of the white segments of eggs. Therefore, you do not need to worry about fats and carbohydrates while taking these shakes. Moreover, egg protein shakes have a great amount of amino acid content and they are quite easily absorbed by the body. For all these reasons, these are  good for overweight people undergoing weight reduction. However, egg protein shakes are very expensive and therefore, very rare in use.

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