5 Exercises to Cut Fat on Your Butt!

You butt is a very critical part of your body. Note that your butt is composed of three very important muscles that perform varied functions. Both the gluteus medius and minimus muscles small and lie under the gluteus maximus muscle, which is the largest muscle in your body. All these three muscles play a crucial role in your hip movement including when moving your thigh backwards, turning the thigh and pelvis outward and moving the thigh inward amongst other functions. Due to their important functions, your butt is one of the most likely places to focus on when undertaking exercises aimed at eliminating excess fat from your body.

Although exercising other parts of your body has a positive effect on your butt, you seriously need to undertake specific exercises that target fat stored in your butt. Such include:

  • Walking – For many women, walking is a daily routine. They do not consider it a form of very useful exercise that they can perform to cut fat on their butts. A well designed walking exercise has a direct impact on the gluteus muscles that form your butt. An effective walking exercise should involve walking up and down hill several times a day, cooling the muscles off by walking on level ground. It has scientifically been proven that walking up and down hill for a maximum of one hour burns up to 300 calories. The biggest advantage with walking exercise is that you do not require the use of any special equipment. You can also walk anywhere and at anytime.

  • Lunges – Although very challenging, lunges have the effect of working on many body muscles at the same time including all the gluteus muscles. The benefits of lunges are the varied nature of possible exercises, which include static lunges, sliding lunges, low lunges, side to side lunges, one-legged lunge, step by step lunges and wheel lunges.
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  • Step Ups – Step up exercises work on your gluteus muscles directly. Placing one foot on a step and pushing the heel to lift the rest of your body is an excellent way of working your butt. For best results, the step should be high enough, alternating your feet in the process. There are various styles of step up exercises including side step ups, crossover step ups and resistance band step ups.

  • Biking – Biking is one of the best ways of not only exercising your butt but your hip and thigh muscles as well. You have the option of riding outside or on a stationery bike. When on a stationery bike, try to achieve between 70-80 RPM in under three minutes and between 100-110 RPM in under two minutes before slowing down and restarting all over again. Performing this for a maximum of thirty minutes has the capacity of burning up to 300 calories.

  • Deadlifts – Deadlift exercises are very effective in exercising your butt, lower back and your hamstrings. Performing a one-legged Deadlift exercises in particular increases intensity, which leads to fast fat burning in three areas of your body. Performing Deadlift exercises however requires supervision, especially if you have back problems.

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