5 Tips To Prepare A Diet for Fatty Liver

Liver is one of our most significant internal organs. Hence, if we ever encounter a liver problem, then it can be a warning for us! Yes, liver disorder can seriously lead us to a whole bunch of ailments such as high cholesterol, high diabetes and of course obesity. Among all forms of liver diseases, ‘fatty liver’ is the most common one.

If additional fat that cannot be simplified by the liver is stored in the liver cells, the condition is named as ‘fatty liver’.

There are several factors that can lead one to this serious trouble. Usually, unlimited alcohol consumption, an unwholesome diet rich in lots of fats and junk foods, diabetes, excess stress, certain medications and sometimes malnutrition may initiate the untimely indications of fatty liver which can ends in some fatal disorders, such as non alcoholic steatohepatitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis of liver or even liver cancer. To stay away from these life-threatening diseases, one must take an ideal diet for fatty liver:

1. People suffering from fatty liver must consume a diet that is truly high on nutrition and essentially low in fat. Certain foods such as pulses, legumes and fresh vegetables can provide the vital nourishment to you while no unnecessary fat is gained by your body.

2. Milk is supposed to be rich in milk fat and hence should strictly be avoided in the case of fatty liver. Hence, milk or dairy products should be completely eliminated from the diet. However, curd and skimmed milk are absolutely fat-free stuffs and can be consumed without any worry.

3. When it comes to an ideal diet for patients of fatty liver, the importance of fish can never be ignored. Fish, especially fresh water fish that usually have lower fat content are excellent in trimming down the fatty acids in our body. They also contain extremely beneficial Omega 3 fatty acid that helps reduce the cholesterol level in the body. Therefore, fish such as Cod, Halibut, Tilapia, Shrimp etc. should be included in the fatty liver diet.

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4. Do you really believe in crash dieting? There is a misconception that a crash diet can reduce the fat of our body and therefore is one of the best methods to decrease the inflamed oversized liver. However, in reality the fact is completely opposite of it. A crash diet is dangerously low on required carbohydrates and vital nutrients, and hence, it can prove more harmful to the patients of fatty liver.

5. Some other important nutrients which you must include in the fatty liver diet are whole grains, vitamins and minerals. All these are quite essential for a perfect diet in this condition. On the other hand, butter, cheese, burgers, pizza, various junk foods and alcohol must be eliminated from the diet strictly.

Forget about losing weight just within a few months. Try it gradually. Also, you should never ignore monitoring the size of your liver regularly and perform Liver Function Tests or LFT. A proper diet and close supervision can help you take care of your liver and keep you hale and hearty forever.

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