7 Reasons of Irregular or Late Periods After Marriage

The irregular or late period after marriage is a problem experienced by many women across the world. The problem can be natural or be linked to an underlying medical condition.

You need to establish why you have irregular or late periods after marriage. This becomes necessary if the problem was never there before you got married. Establishing the cause makes it possible for you to take remedial measures at the earliest opportunity.

There are several reasons why you may experience irregular or late periods soon after pregnancy. While some of the reasons are natural, others can be because of a health problem.

Causes of Irregular or Late Periods after Marriage

1. Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is the most common cause of the problem in the newly married. However, this is often a different kind of emotional stress. The simple fact that you are now married brings a lot of thoughts to your mind. In addition to the realization that you are now a married woman, the thoughts of how to be a good wife and how to make your marriage better can be overwhelming.

Such emotional stress, although not harmful, can be the cause of anxiety. In effect, increased anxiety compromises your normal reproductive health. This leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle, causing irregular periods. How long or short you experience irregular periods will depend on how long or short you remain anxious.

2. Changes in Routine

Getting married, naturally, bestows on you certain responsibilities that you were not used to. It may mean waking up earlier than you normally do. Such a change gives your body some “shock” and your body will most likely take some time to “recover”. You are bound to experience irregular or late periods during the period. This is simply because the “shock” can happen just at the time you normally ovulate.

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Irregular or late periods caused by changes in routine never last long. Most women only experience the problem once or twice.

3. Birth Control Pills

Getting pregnant simply means that you are bound to become sexually active than before. You are most likely to start using birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, this interferes with hormones. Taking birth control pills leads to increased level of estrogen hormone in your body. This causes hormonal imbalance, leading to irregular periods.

Your menstrual cycle will only normalize once your body becomes accustomed to using the pills. Your body can take a short or long time to get used to the pills.

4. Weight Gain/Loss

It is very common for a newly married woman to either gain or lose some weight. This is perfectly normal because your body is bound to react to your new status. Weight gain/loss, however small it can be, is bound to cause hormonal imbalance that is likely to cause late periods.

5. Illness

There is no set time that you may develop an illness. It can be on the first day after your wedding or after moving in with your husband. This will no doubt delay your period. It is also possible to have late periods if you were recovered from a sickness before you got married.

6. Excessive Exercise

This is often the major cause of irregular periods in newly married women excess body weight. In an attempt to cut down on their weight, most women engage in intensive exercises. Doing so interferes with various processes in your body, leading to irregular periods.

7. Diet

Marriage brings a lot of changes to your life and one of those changes is often in the diet. The fact that you are married literally bestows on you the responsibility to make the major decisions on what to cook. You are bound to cook foods that your husband loves. Unfortunately, the foods may work against your reproductive health. This is particularly true if you were never used to eating such foods. You are bound to experience irregular periods until your body gets used to such foods.

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These are the main causes of irregular or late periods after pregnancy. The causes that have links to underlying health problems do not feature here. This is simply because you may have started experiencing irregular periods before you got married.

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