Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk – 7 Easy Ways!

As a young girl entering puberty, you come to discover your body and you come to realize the value of your breasts in later life. By instinct, you start taking care of them, shopping for a fitting bra. One important area you need to pay attention to is infection as part of breast care. It is very important to ensure that your breasts are healthy from the onset to avoid difficulties in the future. In particular, you need to prevent breast cancer, one of the major health issues women have to deal with. The need to know your chances of suffering from the disease becomes high especially if a close relative was diagnosed with breast cancer in the past.

In order to ascertain the health of your breasts, it is only important that you conduct self-examination regularly, especially if you experience any breast pain. Any breast pain accompanied by breast lump should alert you of possible infection. Because breast lump is a sign of breast cancer, you immediately need to go for breast tests that include mammograms, which is capable of ascertaining whether you have breast cancer or not. It is very important to ascertain your breast condition as fast as possible because cancer of the breast develops in stages and cancer treatment is more effective with early diagnosis.

Because of the devastating effects of breast cancer, you need to cut the risks that lead to the occurrence of the disease, as part of your breast care. These include:

  • Aging – Age is a risk factor in the occurrence of breast cancer. While you may argue that there is nothing you can do about it, there actually is. It is important to age gracefully and you can achieve this by sticking to a healthy diet. In particular, opt for the foods with cancer fighting properties. Such include tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, whole grains and vegetables (cauliflower, cabbages and kale). By consuming these foods in ample amounts, you will not only be following a healthy diet but also taking care of your breasts in a positive way.
  • Radiation therapy – Radiation therapy is a major breast cancer cause. Being treated with radiation increases your chances of developing breast cancer because the therapy interferes with the proper working of body cells, which start to behave in unusual manner. Your risk of breast cancer becomes even higher if you receive radiation treatment at a young age, when your breasts are still developing.
  • Not having children – Failure to have children or opting to have a child after the age of 30 increases your risk of breast cancer. This is linked to the fact that being pregnant reduces your lifetime menstrual cycles.
  • Contraceptive Use – the use of contraceptive pills increases your risks of developing breast cancer. However, the risk decreases once you stop using the pills.
  • Alcohol – Excess consumption of alcohol is one of the major breast cancer risks. It is also a risk factor in the occurrence of mouth, throat, esophagus and liver cancer. You seriously need to cut down on the amount alcohol you drink. If possible, stop drinking alcohol.
  • Overweight – Overweight or obesity is one of the causes of breast cancer. It is important that you undertake appropriate exercises along with a suitable diet in order to cut down on your weight, especially after reaching menopause stage.
  • Tobacco smoking – Smoking tobacco is the other major breast cancer cause. Tobacco contains dangerous chemicals including tar that seriously affect the normal working of body cells, including breast tissue cells. You will be doing your breasts good by stopping to smoke.
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It is important to have information on breast cancer stages, especially in knowing breast cancer symptoms. This is vital in dealing with the disease from the onset. Because of the seriousness of breast cancer, various jurisdictions have put in place various breast cancer awareness programs to provide their citizens with the necessary latest information on breast cancer.

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