9 Natural Ways To Treat Menorrhagia

9 Natural Ways To Treat Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is the scientific term used for characterizing the medical condition in which women suffer from heavy and prolonged bleeding including terrible pain in the abdominal as well as the pelvic regions during menstruation. Generally, this state of excessive blood loss lasts for more than 5 days and eventually ends in anemia and serious weakness.

Here are 9 effective natural remedies for Menorrhagia:

Cinnamon Tea

  • Prepare a herbal mixture by dissolving 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder in plain cold water, and take it at least thrice daily. Cinnamon tea is another excellent alternative. Boil a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder in 1 cup of water, and add a little honey to it. Drinking it 4 times a day can prevent menorrhagia.



  • Take some fresh parsley leaves and boil them in 1 cup of water. If you drink this juice 3 times for the first 3 days of your menstruation right after the meal, you would surely get benefited.



  • Intake of fenugreek water throughout those painful days can decrease excessive blood loss as well as alleviate menstrual cramps. Boil 5 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in around 1 liter of water. After 7 to 10 minutes, strain the mixture. A teaspoon of honey or (1/2) teaspoon sugar would make it more flavorsome.



  • Use raw ginger in your regular food to control the blood flow and heal the cramps during periods. Alternatively, boil about 200 grams of shredded ginger in (1/2) liter of water for at least 10-12 minutes. Instead of milk and sugar, add a little honey to this ginger tea and drink it warm 4 times daily to relieve your nerves.



  • Munch on an average-sized green papaya each day during your menstruation. It is an outstanding remedy for menorrhagia as it makes the uterine contractions smoother as well as reduces heavy bleeding.
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Sesame Seed

  • Drinking a mixture of a teaspoon of sesame seed powder and an ounce of hot water can prevent menorrhagia along with unbearable cramping. You can start having this concoction twice a day, just from 2 days until your periods start, or even from the 1st day of it.



  • Marigold, the beneficial herbaceous flower, can be used to treat extreme bleeding during menstruation successfully. Boil 5 flowers in (1/2) liter water for around 7-10 minutes. Then, strain this marigold infusion and use it for different purposes such as preparing tea and coffee and cooking etc. Also, start drinking this infusion 3 times a day just from 2 days before the date of start up to the first 3 days of your periods.



  • Rosehip, the essential oil producing herb, is also rich in vitamin C which helps our body absorb the adequate amount of iron from our foods and prevents menorrhagic anemia by restoring the lost blood faster. Buy rosehip powder or rosehip herbal tea from local health food stores to start the therapy. Drink 2 cups of rosehip herbal tea from 3 days prior up to the last day of your periods for treating menorrhagia effectively.


Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

  • Indian gooseberry or ‘amla’ can be found at many health stores as ripe or dried amla fruit or even amla powder. Having two fresh and ripe amla, or drinking a glass of amla juice each day can help you stay away from menorrhagia.

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