9 Premarital Medical Screening Tests You Should be Aware Of

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Medical screening is a strategy used in medicine to detect the presence of disease or health condition in an individual. Medical screening is important because it brings to the fore undiagnosed diseases and health conditions for easy management and treatment.

Premarital medical screening is equally important as premarital counseling. Indeed, there are several benefits you gain when you go for such screening. The main benefit is the detection of undiagnosed disease or health condition. This is important because it lets you know in advance your health status before you enter into marriage.

Although there are many medical screening tests, the following are 9 screening tests that you need to undergo as part of your marriage plans.

1. HIV Screening Test

This is a specific test performed to detect any presence of the human immunodeficiency virus in your body. This test becomes very necessary in case you have been sexually active with multiple partners.

Knowing your HIV status before you enter into marriage is very important. It makes it possible for you to receive the right information on how you will be able to cope. The fact that you are HIV positive is never a reason to prevent you from getting married. Indeed, your partner will be in a position to help you cope for the benefit of the two of you and that of your kids.

2. VDRL Screening Test

This is another important screening test to go for as you plan to enter into marriage. This particularly applies in case you have been sexually active and may have had a sexually transmitted disease. The test detects any presence of antibodies in your body system.

Going for this tests helps to detect harmful bacteria responsible for causing such STDs as syphilis. Receiving treatment for the same goes a long way to avoid infecting your husband-to-be once you settle in marriage as a married couple.

3. Blood Group Test

This is not a medical screening but a medical test. The test aims at identifying your type of blood group.

There are two main reasons why this test is very important. Emergencies do arise and you cannot rule them out when you are married. An emergency may arise that requires your partner to donate blood for you. It is always easy and fast to receive the right blood if your partner knows your blood group.

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Secondly, the blood group test helps to ascertain the compatibility or your blood group and that of your partner. This helps to prevent or avoid chances of miscarriage and intrauterine death that is usually caused by blood group incompatibility.

4. Fertility Test

One of the reasons you get married is to start a family of your own. This involves bringing forth children. Knowing whether or not you are fertile before you settle down in marriage is very necessary.

Early detection of fertility issues makes it possible for you to receive appropriate treatment in good time. This helps to prevent the emotional, psychological and social problems associated with barrenness.

 5. Psychological Screening Tests

This is one medical screening test that is often ignored by those planning to get married. It is one of the most important medical screening tests you need to go for. Getting married means leaving your home to live with a person who is not related to you. Your partner may have habits or a lifestyle you are not used to. Furthermore, the beginning of marriage life can be very confusing. How you deal with such changes can have a toll on your mind. You need to go for psychological screening tests to determine whether or not you can cope with such changes.

The psychological screening test identifies the presence of several health conditions. These include depression, mood disorders, schizophrenia, and mania. A comprehensive psychological screening test also identifies if you have any personality and behavioral disorder.

6. Sickle Cell Screening Test

A defect in your red blood cells easily causes sickle cell disease. This test is very important because getting married to a partner who also has the condition can be devastating. This is simply because you will most likely to bring forth children with the same condition.

Going for this test is very helpful. It helps you to know whether or not it is medically right to marry your partner. However, the fact that the two of you have the condition is never a reason to cancel your marriage plans. You can still get married and have children although your children will need close monitoring and attention.

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 7. Hemoglobin Test

This is a good test to go for as par of your marriage plans. You really need to go for this test if you are a confirmed diabetic and have been receiving treatment. The test determines the level of glucose in your blood compared to previous occasions.

However, the test is not only designed for confirmed diabetics. The World Health Organizations recommends the test for anyone at risk of developing diabetes.

This is a valuable test. It makes your partner be aware of your medical condition. Immediate help and assistance will always be available when you need it.

8. Hepatitis Screening Test

This test is specifically designed to detect the presence of antigens produced by the hepatitis B virus. It can be comprehensive to cover both hepatitis A and C viruses.

This is a very important test considering that you may be called upon to donate blood for your partner. You will not be able to donate blood in case you are a career of the virus.

9. Ultrasound Screening Test

This is perhaps the most important premarital medical screening test you must go for. This is because it detects any abnormalities in your reproductive system including the cervix, uterus, vagina, ovaries and the fallopian tubes. Most of such abnormalities are often caused by cervical cancer.

Going for this test makes it possible for you to receive the right treatment. This is no doubt beneficial considering that you look forward to having children. There is no doubt that it will be very devastating when you eventually realize that you have the disease. Not only will you not be able to bring forth children. Your life will literally be in danger when the disease progresses undetected.

Getting married is making a lifelong commitment. You really need to ensure that you are in good health before you enter into that special institution. Just like with pre-marital counseling when you go together with your partner, you need to go for pre-marital medical screening together. This helps both of you to know each other’s health status so as to be able to assist each other when the need arises.

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