Your Morning Mood – 9 Ways To Boost It

It is certain that you have either good or bad mood. Nevertheless, what is it that makes you moody at such times? Psychologists link varied moods to your energy levels and tension. You can be energetic or tired and tense or calm. While you will have a good mood when you are energetic and calm, being tired and tense will make you moody. Different people have their own ways of dealing with bad mood. While some resort to eating a favorite food or music, others go for a walk to counter a bad mood. How do you manage your bad mood? It is important not to confuse your bad mood with your emotion. The two are unrelated. While your emotions are related to your feelings, your mood is an internal subjective state that can last for hours then fades away.

Generally, moods are categorized into four types:

  • Crowd mood – This manifests itself in crowd behavior, which is always the same. It may be a happy or angry mood directed at an object, authority or to another crowd.
  • Social mood – This manifests in a social gathering where you will not be comfortable without it. You will develop a feeling of being unwanted and may simply leave.
  • Negative mood – Having a negative mood depends on how you internally react to a situation or event. Being constantly in a negative mood can alter your behavior and change your perception of your friends, colleagues and those close to you. It can seriously impair your judgment.
  • Positive mood – Having a positive mood is very beneficial. You will not only find it easy to talk to and have conversations with others but also be focused in whatever that you do. Everyone will feel welcomed to chat with you. In addition, you will always have a good sense of judgment and will succeed in all that you do.
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From the above categories, it turns out that being in positive mood is very beneficial. However, in order to be in a positive mood everyday, your daily morning mood should be positive. Having a positive mood at the start of each day greatly influences (positively) the rest of your day activities. The following eight tips will help you boost your morning mood:

  • Have a lemon drink – Make it a routine to drink half a glass of lemon juice. Have fresh lemons and squeeze one daily in the morning into a glass. Add a little water and drink. Apart from boosting your morning mood, drinking lemon juice in the morning is a good detox.
  • Have adequate sleep – Sleep plays a major role in determining what kind of mood you will have in the morning. Set a specific time of going to bed and waking up. In doing so, ensure that you have at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Last meal – Try and have your day’s last meal several hours before retiring to bed. Going straight to bed on a full stomach is bound to interfere with your sleep. If you really need to eat something just before retiring to bed, eat a healthy snack instead.
  • Quality sleep – Having enough sleep is not enough for a positive mood in the morning. You need to have quality sleep. To achieve this, switch off all the lights in the bedroom. Ensure that you sleep in a completely dark room. Ensure that window curtains keep of external light as much as possible.
  •  Sleeping Temperature – Your body has its own mechanism of regulating its own temperature. If you are used to covering yourself with an electric blanket, you may need to consider looking for an alternative (unless it is completely unavoidable). Note that by covering yourself with an electric blanket, you expose your body to radiation, which will leave you with a pounding head in the morning because of increased warmth.
  • Exercise – Exercising is important if you want to have a positive mood everyday in the morning. You do not need o undertake strenuous exercises however. Make it a routine to have a walk early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Planning – Make it a routine to plan how you will spend the day ahead. Plan and determine what you will start with, going down to the last activity. Remember to set realistic time for every activity to eliminate chances of stressful situations.
  • Salt-water intake – Prepare a salt solution before going to bed and let it rest overnight. Drink it either cold or warm the first thing in the morning. This will not only increase your adrenaline level but also boost your energy. A pinch of salt is enough.
  • Music – Your Favorite Music may brighten up your day. Listen to music when you get up, it increases your adrenaline level and also boosts your confidence
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From the above tips, it is apparent that sleep is vital. Ensure that you have enough quality sleep for a positive mood in the morning. You can also enhance the positive mood by listening to your favorite music at work or wherever and having a favorite lunch.


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