Bad Breath – Causes & Prevention Tips

Medically known as halitosis, smelly breath will not only cause you embarrassment, it is unpleasant. Bad breathing can see your friends, colleagues and family members alienate you, something that can cause you stress. With stress setting in, you will be on the destructive path, meaning you will have to deal with emerging health issues. Having bad breathing becomes worse if you have a partner of the opposite sex; you are likely to be rejected!

A big percentage of halitosis emanates from your mouth and the intensity of your bad breath will vary, depending on time of the day. Bad breath intensity increases in the morning upon waking up, when your mouth has been inactive. The intensity decreases once you brush and eat. Your bad breath can be either transient (disappearing after eating and freshening up) or persistent (chronic), which can be serious. How do you get bad breath?

Cause of bad breath vary and include:

  • Your tongue – Your tongue is a major cause of bad breath. This is because it hosts large quantities of naturally occurring bacteria that thrive on the posterior dorsum, an area that you may not clean thoroughly while brushing. Accumulation of these bacteria creates fowl smell in your mouth, leading to smelly breath.
  • Your mouth – your mouth contains over 600 different types of bacteria, which breakdown protein from the food that you eat. This breakdown produces gases, which if left over time turns fowl.
  • Disease – Advanced periodontal (gum disease) disease is a major cause of bad breath. Bacteria that grow beneath the gumline produce fowl smell, which you breath out as smelly breath.
  • Nose infection – Sinus infection produce unpleasant smell that exits through your nostrils.
  • Food additives – Some types of food and food additives encourage bad breath. Regularly consuming garlic and other harsh substances leaves a bad taste in mouth. Failing to properly brushing simply leads to smelly breath.
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While there are conventional cures for bad breath, it is much better to incorporate healthy management techniques to ensure that you always exhibit healthy breath. Consider undertaking the following measures:

  • Clean your tongue surface gently twice a day. Consider investing in a good toothbrush, tongue cleaner or scrapper. This will eliminate a god quantity of bacteria and other harmful debris. You may also consider brushing a small amount of antibacterial rinse to inhibit bacterial activity.
  • Consider eating cereals in the morning with your breakfast. This will help clean out the hidden parts of your tongue.
  • Consider chewing gum. A dry mouth encourages bacterial activity and by chewing gum, you increase the production of saliva, which reduces smelly breath. In buying chewing gums, go for sugarless.
  • Consider using mouthwashes. Mouthwashes contain oxidizers that eliminate bad breath. Go for those that contain essential oils. Such oils have medicinal properties that kill harmful mouth bacteria.
  • Consider using herbal remedies such as chewing areca nut and betel leaf. Apart from medicinal properties that these contain, they are good breath fresheners.
  • Drink adequate water. Water is important in having healthy breath. Make it a routine to drink at least eight glasses of water daily at intervals.

Getting rid of bad breath need not be an expensive affair. You can obtain some of the bad breath remedies from local grocery stores and use for a healthy breath.

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