Beware of Slimming Products (Drugs and Supplements)

You find them in supermarkets, drug stores and at grocery outlets, all promising to reduce your excess body weight within a few days or weeks of use. Although very popular since they are marketed as the most effective remedies for dealing with excess body weight, using slimming products can be very dangerous to your health. You seriously need to re-consider your decision in case you use slimming products because of their many disadvantages.

From the onset, slimming products are over-the-counter products whose sale is not regulated. Indeed, most slimming products are introduced into the market without necessarily being approved by such authorities as US Food and Drug Administration. This is because they fall under the category of dietary supplements that are not subjected to rigorous testing that prescription medications are subjected to. Using slimming products is therefore similar to putting yourself at great risk of developing serious health complications.
The other disadvantage to using slimming products relates to their effectiveness. Although widely marketed as highly effective and as having been subjected to clinical trials, the reality is that most slimming products cannot pass safety and efficacy test. Furthermore, there are slimming products that have been approved by different authorities including US Food and Drug Administration with warnings that they can still cause health problems.
There is no doubt that just like with conventional medications, slimming products too case various side effects. While some side effects are tolerable, others cannot be tolerated. Likewise, there are short-term and long-term side effects. While most slimming products are marketed as formulated with natural ingredients, the reality is that most slimming products contain dangerous ingredients including chemicals that can serious side effects that can be life threatening.
Slimming products have for a long time been associated with liver problems and for good reason. There are slimming products formulated with chemicals that end up in the liver, putting those who already have liver problems at risk of liver failure. There is no doubt that slimming products are some of the costly products available. This is mainly because they are in high demand by those out to cut down on their excess body weight. There are indeed many who have spent fortunes in slimming products yet have nothing to show for their spending.
The fact that safety and efficacy of many slimming products cannot be vouched for makes it necessary to seriously consider use of the them. The disadvantage of using slimming products can best be illustrated by Maggie DeWolfe’s story of hallucinating cats. After struggling with excess body weight for years, Maggie decided to try a weight loss supplement that was full of promises. Sticking to instructions, Maggie experienced the first side effects after only two days of taking the supplements. This is when she was forced to pee at least six times in a day in addition to pooping twice every day. This, she believed, was the “flushing” out toxins from her body. This was followed by excessive thirst after a week of using the supplements since the supplements reduced liquid level in body tissues. This was followed by unexplained weird craving for hot sauce and veggie cream cheese, things she was not used to eating. A month of using the supplements was the beginning of what she calls “horror” experience. She started by experiencing dizzy spells, vomiting, diarrhea, severe stomach cramps and constant headaches that forced her to miss work. On one of the afternoons while having a nap on her couch, Maggie rolled over only to find several cats in her living room. She did not own any cats. She was only hallucinating. Although Maggie threw the supplements away, she continues to suffer hallucinations often, which has forced her to live with her grandchildren for company, out of fear.

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