Color your Diet

Color plays an important and proactive role in your life. So why don’t you think of color in your food. Recent researches have revealed that If your plate resembles a rainbow having food of bright and vibrant colors, your health is bound to benefit. The beautiful nature has created wonderful and colorful fruits and vegetables- yellow corn, red apples, red tomatoes, green chilies, vivacious oranges, purple brinjals, etc. They not only make our food delicious and appetizing but also are a delight to sight.


Importance of Colorful Diet

The color of fruits and vegetables is due to the color pigment present them. Deeper the color of the vegetable or fruit more nutritious it is. In summers the seasonal fruits are exposed to intense sunlight. They are enriched with chlorophyll which is high nutritive value. It would be an intelligent idea to make your plate an array of colors. Besides being appealing to eyes it is extremely healthy and nutritious Deeper the color of then fruit or vegetable, greater is its ant-oxidizing property.

Health benefits of Colored Fruits

Here is a list of some important colored fruits that are a delight to sight and have great health benefits.


Glaring Red

The first two things that come to your mind when you think of red are the red tomatoes and luscious watermelons. The red color is due to lycopene pigment. It is highly effective in lowering the risk of cancer. Some natural red fruits are strawberries, watermelons and apples.


Gracious Green

The green fruits or vegetables contain sulforaphane, isothiocyanate and indoles that have important role in keeping a check on carcinoma producing chemicals. Some natural green foods are cabbages, green peas and spinaches.

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Wonderful White

Flavanoid pigment is responsible in attributing white color to foods. This pigment has anti-oxidant properties and is effective in maintaining cell membrane. Some natural white foods are onions, pears and garlic.


Prominent Purple

The anthocyanin pigment is responsible for imparting purple color to vegetables. It improves blood circulation, kidney function and eye functions. Some natural purple foods are concord grapes and eggplant.


Vivacious Oranges

Alpha and beta carotene pigment gives a bright orange color to fruits and vegetables. The pigment is known widely for it eye improving properties. They maintain cellular integrity and youthfulness.  Some orange colored foods are carrots, oranges, musk melons, papaya and deliciously juicy mangoes.


Vibrant Yellow

Pigment like carotenoids, xanthenoids and lutein are the attributing agents for imparting yellow color to foods.  They are vital for improving good eye health. Some yellow colored foods are turmeric, corn and bananas. They are extremely nutritious and add a touch of color to your diet.


The crux of the matter is that the food that is appealing to eyes ends up being tastier to your mouth buds as well.

Do not make your plate lifeless and colorless; rather give it a bright look by adding some generous colorful vegetables and fruits. Try transforming your dull lunch to a bright and exotic one enriched with the goodness of color and health.

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