6 Dance Forms that Can help you Get Back In Shape

Dancing is an art that involves the movement of your body in a rhythmic pattern to the sound of accompanying music. However, dance also has its own ‘rhythm’ to which you can dance to and it is not necessary that it must be accompanied with sound music. A good example of this is tap dance. It is highly possible that you have danced in one way or another, especially when you are happy and in a celebration mood to express the same feeling. You may have also danced in social, spiritual or performance settings.

Generally, dancing has evolved over the decades. From earlier times when every community had its own dance style(s) performed at different occasions, dancing has matured into a distinct profession in which various dance styles have crossed borders and become international. Many people are involved in the dancing profession as dancers, dance teachers, dance coaches, dance therapists or choreographers. The emergence of these professionals has not only changed the way that you can undertake dancing but has also given dancing another different meaning. You no longer need to consider dancing as an activity that you can undertake when you are happy to express your joy or simply perform. Dancing is now considered to have therapeutic effects on the body and you can undertake dancing as a form of exercise to improve your fitness and general well-being. Dancing becomes very important if you are overweight and you need to reduce weight to minimize health risks. Various types of dances have been noted to aid both in weight reduction by burning excess calories and deposited fat and in promoting physical fitness.

Dance Forms for Health & Perfect shape

  • Ballroom Dance – Ballroom dance is popular throughout the world. It is performed in different styles including Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep. These dances are performed in different styles that involve the use of various body muscles. While some styles can be vigorous and capable of aiding in burning calories, others are slow and are therefore performed to calm down muscles after vigorous rhythms.
  • Cha-Cha-Cha Dance – This is an energetic dance associated with Latin America. However, it also incorporates slow body movements.
  • Rumba Dance – This dance is associated with Latin America and Africa communities. It involves slow movement of the hips, slowly stretching the hip muscles. Its performance is beautiful with co-ordinated rhythm. However, vigorous movements are also possible.
  • Samba Dance – This is an energetic and dance that involves leg movements in various styles.
  • Ballet Dance – This type of dance can be performed as classical, contemporary or neoclassical ballet dance. Associated with the French and Russians, ballet dance has the effect of stretching all of your body muscles.
  • Break Dance – This is a type of dance that took the world by storm some years back. Popularized by the late Michael Jackson, performing a breakdance produces energetic and strong effects on your body muscles, capable of burning calories and shaking off any waste.
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You no longer need to consider dancing simply as a hobby but as a health activity that you can perform for your good health.

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