6 Most Important Iron Rich Foods

Iron is one of the most vital nutrients needed for proper growth and maintenance of our body. It helps in hemoglobin formation and thus indirectly facilitates the supply of sufficient oxygen to the tissues. This mineral also boosts our immunity, plays a key role in energy production, and efficiently maintains proper liver performances. It is indeed essential for us to uphold the standard quantity of iron in our body, and hence, incorporating enough iron in our diet is of the utmost importance for us.

Include these 6 iron rich foods in your regular diet to stay hale and hearty:

Fresh and flourishing green vegetables

The first and foremost item that should come first on this list is a bunch of green leafy vegetables. While these fresh and green vegetables can prove to be the life savior of vegans undergoing serious iron deficiency, non-vegans can also meet their iron requirement efficiently by munching on these. Veggies like cabbage, broccoli, kale, spinach etc. are rich in iron. It has been seen that a serving of 180 gm. of spinach holds almost 6.43 mg. of iron. However, the oxalate present in spinach might lower the iron absorption rate. But it can be boosted by consuming more and more vitamin C rich foods such as lemon, lime or orange.

Raw sprouted legumes

Various legumes like green and black beans are considered to be one of the best sources of iron. If you can include raw sprouted legumes in your diet then it would certainly turn to a healthier one as sprouts themselves possess high level of iron. From major dishes to nourishing salads – legumes can be ued everywhere.

Fresh and clean dates

Amongst all fresh and nutritious fruits, dates are found to have exceptionally high iron content. Some people prefer eating dates along with milk. But, it is strictly opposed by the nutrition experts as the calcium present in milk prevents the absorption of iron in our bloodstream considerably.

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Different types of almonds

If you have been fighting iron deficiency for long, almonds can help you to some extent. Studies have shown that 15 gm. of almonds meet almost 6 per cent of our daily iron requirement.

Certain animal livers

When it comes to animal sources of iron, liver is regarded as the richest one. In severe cases of iron deficit, intake of animal liver can pump up the level of iron in our body. Among all, chicken and beef liver contain the highest amount of iron.

Various sea foods

Apart from liver, different types of sea foods also hold a fair amount of iron. Salmon, shrimps, sardines all contain large amounts of iron, but the list is topped by oysters. Researchers have proved that daily intake of about 100 gm. of oyster alone can meet almost 90% of our iron needs.

There are some readymade or artificial foods too that can provide our body with enough quantity of iron. Consuming these foodstuffs including iron fortified cereals and bread at least twice a day are also effective ways for combating the deficit of iron.

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