An Ideal Diet For Hypoglycemia (Glucose Deficiency)

Hypoglycemia is a certain medical condition in which the glucose level in the blood of an individual drops radically. Glucose molecules basically power the metabolism of our body by acting like the fuel for it. Therefore, the deficit of glucose in our bloodstream makes the cells, tissues and organs of our body stop functioning and shut down involuntarily which eventually causes the complete shutdown of our entire system.

Though fit and well people can easily be the victims of hypoglycemia, persons who have been suffering from diabetes are more prone to it. It has been seen that the drugs and diet of a diabetic person can lead to an abrupt reduction in blood glucose level, and skipping meals can accelerate the hypoglycemic condition significantly. However, long-term effects of this aliment can be restricted by bringing about necessary dietary changes. Here is an ideal diet for hypoglycemia:

Short and repeated meals

Those who are easily vulnerable to hypoglycemia or low blood glucose state should be provided with efficient nutrients persistently at regular intervals. In case of these patients, intake of 3 large meals might not be so helpful. Rather, consuming small meals at equal gaps would help those individuals keep up a stable flow of glucose molecules in the bloodstream.

Whole grain foods

Whole grain foods such as whole-wheat flour, brown bread, barley, oatmeal, etc. as well as several other ‘low-glycemic’ foodstuffs discharge glucose molecules into the blood flow at a slow rate. This helps maintain a steady as well as long-term flow of glucose in the blood, and finally gives us continuous supply of energy. On the other hand, refined foods causes a swift rise in blood glucose levels by releasing lots of glucose molecules promptly. It pushes our body again into a low glucose state just after a few days, and hence should be avoided strictly.

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Essential proteins

Being a hypoglycemic does not necessarily indicate that you have to stay away from even other succulent and imperative foods. As proteins play a vital role in controlling our blood glucose levels, including protein sources in your meals would be of great help. Consume plenty of legumes, nuts and fish to meet your protein needs. Enjoying an egg sandwich made with brown bread or relishing whole-wheat pasta with chicken slices would be great for you.

Fresh fruits

When it comes to an ideal diet for hypoglycemia, fresh fruits are considered as one of the best items for this. Having clean and fresh fruits along with skins adds to the soluble fiber contents of our body. It also lowers the rate of glucose absorption which in turn maintains a standard blood glucose level. A fruit salad made with strawberries, melons, apples, grapes, cherries etc. can also make a perfect healthy meal.

Dairy products

Milk and large numbers of milk made products act as high-quality sources of proteins, and help prevent fast absorption of glucose by the body. Cheese, butter and other low-fat milk products should be preferred over dairy items full of fat and cholesterol. These would also provide you with a number of vitamins as well as minerals.

Hypoglycemia can end up with several fatal complications such as coma or even instantaneous death, if glucose is not provided with the patient right away. However, the aforementioned foods will retain the essential level of glucose in our bloodstream effectively.

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